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Telesales Tactics For Your Business - Unleashing Entrepreneurism In Your B2C Business

Jul 26, 2008
In business to consumer telesales, the sales volume or conversion rates of your agents can make all of the difference to your businesses success. If everyone can get one more sale per day, that could make the difference between profitability and failure. To ensure the former, it's not good enough for management to have entrepreneurism at their core. Your sales team must have it too.

Understanding the Product

It's all well and good to teach your staff about the difference between benefits and features, but unless they understand your product they'll always have a long way to go. Much of this obligation falls on you, their employer. Make sure they know their stuff, and give them the best head start you can.

Track Performance and Reward Success

Businesses often advertise that they look for entrepreneurism as a key characteristic of their staff. If that's engrained within your employees, then motivate them by offering them incentives. Pay a commission based on gross profit earned, revenue generated or a commission per sale.

Another great way to unleash entrepreneurism within your employees isn't just to pay them for success, but to make it clear who's the best too. Competition breeds success, and if your staff have the right attitude, it will motivate them more than the potential to earn commission. Make people aware of how they compare to others for their sales figures, and they should try to reach for the top.

Protecting the Brand

Entrepreneurism and motivation are great when it comes to getting sales, but they can often have the opposite result on how your brand is perceived. Over-eager sales people could put too much pressure on customers, become too frustrated when customers won't part with their cash, and give customers misleading information to entice them to do business with you.

Tell your agents what is acceptable, and what is not. Record their calls, and make it clear that you listen to them. The more they think they are being watched, and the more they are aware of the consequences of not following the rules, and the more feedback they're given, the better results you'll achieve. However, try to give your agents a second chance and be understanding of them where possible. You're the one who is putting pressure on them to come up with sales for your business.

Getting the Close with Integrity

Customers love to discuss things with their partner, find out how you compare, and think things over. These are all fine and well for the customers, but they do nothing more than slow your business down and limit your businesses potential for success. In reality, how many of these customers will get back in touch? That shouldn't be a risk you are willing to take. Encourage your agents to ask for the sale before the customer has a chance to say those things, and teach them to speak to the customers under the assumption they will sign up for the start.

Entrepreneurism within your business and within your sales force in particular, will ensure that fewer opportunities go missing and your sales figures will improve. This will give you a bigger marketing budget, more to spend on product development, and ultimately more profit. Don't under estimate the input of your sales force; make sure you reward them and that you keep entrepreneurism as a core focus for your business.
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