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Want To Learn Spanish On The Internet?

Jul 26, 2008
Almost every single person in the world either can speak another language fluently or at least knows a few lines of the language partially. Some of the top languages to learn are English, Japanese, French, and Spanish. If you have been wanting to learn Spanish or are in the process of finding out more information, or you're just curious about how you can learn Spanish online, I'm going to list a few different ways outlined in this article.

People often learn a language all on their own by reading books or reading e-books online but there are other ways as well such as taking e-courses online or going to a language school. Usually, e-courses online are free. They give you the opportunity to learn by video, text content, pod casts, e-books and much more! Language schools however, often want you to submit either a fee or pay a large sum of money for an actual full on course. Depending on your personal preferences you can decide which road to take.

If you choose to take e-courses online they will teach you things like how to write in Spanish, how to speak in Spanish, how to read Spanish, etc. Usually they start out with the easy things first, don't worry they don't expect you to know everything right away! Expect things like the alphabet, numbers, items within rooms of your house, items on a menu, etc. Eventually you will move on to harder things, but as a beginner this is a great place for you to start, at the beginning!

If you choose to take a course for an online language school they will also teach you the same exact things except they might have an "official" teacher to help people learn the new language of your choice. You also might be given text books, work books, and you will probably be graded as well!

Here are some really good sites online to find e-courses as well as a few language schools. Again, depending on your personal preferences, you can choose what you think will be best for you! These sites will also give you other information as well such as recommendations, courses they offer, tips and advice on learning Spanish. All these sites are made with you the pupil in mind. They are easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to navigate!

Online Language Schools -
Planeta (Spanish School Directory)

Online E-Courses -

To find some of these sites online, as well as view prices (if any) for the courses it's a really good idea to go to your favorite search engine like Google, Ask, or Yahoo! and do a keyword search relevant to some of these examples "Learn Spanish Online", "Learn Basic Spanish Online", "Free Spanish Courses Online" or "Learn Spanish Alphabet Online."
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