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What Is Web Hosting And Why Do I Need It?

Jul 26, 2008
Many people now a days own a computer, have online access and have a website. More than likely its either a blog of some sort for personal or business reasons or it's a business website. Websites, templates, and hosting packages can be very cheap as long as you research some sites and see what each one offers. Web hosting is by definition a person or company that hosts your website online. You can't have a website unless you either A) are with a website company that hosts the sites for you or B) you buy your own hosting or C) you have your own servers. For the most part I believe the population is split down the middle when it comes to reason A and B.

Web hosting isn't necessarily a hard thing to get yourself into, but people often think its harder than it really is for some strange reason. So, instead they opt in for the websites with the free web hosting but usually you still pay out of your own pocket for this service because the company your hosting it on has to then pay hosting fees! So hey, why not just do it yourself? It's a good idea to search on Google for things like "Webhosting", Web Hosting directory", "Free Webhosting Directory", or "PHP Hosting."

This would also be a good time to put your searching skills into over drive. Do yourself a favor, before joining up with any site go to a few forums and do a search for the web hosting site in mind. Once you find the threads about these web hosting sites you will see what other members say about the service and options of the site. Try forums such as NamePros dot com and DigitalProForums dot com. Another great thing for you to do would be to visit a site called HostingReview dot com. This site offers the top 10 hosting sites at any given time and is constantly updated. See if you can find a few more sites like this as well, and compare which sites are on the list and which aren't on the list.

You're absolutely going to need web hosting (as said above) if you plan on having your own website online. It's an absolute necessity and it really comes affordable, especially if you're able to find a discount code online for the site. These are offered all over the Internet and are usable at most any web hosting web site!
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