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The Most Interesting Classified Sites Online!

Jul 26, 2008
There is a large array of classified sites online, but they all pretty much offer the same sort of "services." They are the best sites to find things like employment, services, personals, items for sale, housing, etc. Most all people know about classified sites such as CraigsList but, I certainly wouldn't signify this as being the best or the only classified site online, that's for sure! There is a whole truck load of classified sites online that offer the things listed above, as well as other cool extras incorporated into the site such as games, MP3s, Social Networking options, forums and more. These sites are more of a classified hub rather than a regular classified site.

A hub is more or less a website you can visit or join that has an "all in one" feel to it. If you check out sites like this, then you won't need to go anywhere else because they have everything you could possibly need right at your fingertips! Other sites that can be compared closely to the classified hubs sites are Myspace, FaceBook, or Moli. Yes, they are all social networking sites, but they also offer other things such as profiles, classified ads, music, movies, games and loads of entertainment to keep you busy!

If you're searching for sites that offer a multiple amount of uses to their users you can simply search on your favorite search engine such as Ask, Yahoo! or Google for keywords relevant to whatever it is you're looking for. Say I'm looking for a classified site that also offers games, then I would enter in something like this; "Classifieds Sites Online With Games" or "Combination Online Classifieds." This will very quickly bring up some sites that could possibly interest you. You can also search for other things such as "Social Networking Sites" and then within the websites just look around and see if they offer the type of options you would like. Of course the second option is a little more work but it will help you find the perfect site!

When joining a regular online classified site or a combination classified site, be sure to take a look around and read the FAQ section and TOS section and familiarize yourself with the rules of the site. One of the most horrible things is joining a site you really like and then getting deleted for not following the rules made by the operator of the site! Example some classified sites don't allow personals, or don't allow adult type classifieds. So, just make sure you follow all the rules and do what's expected of you!
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