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Google Adwords, How To Create Profitable Campaigns

Jul 26, 2008
There is simply no better way to get highly targeted profitable traffic to your website than through google adwords. Of course you will have to pay for each click but if you use google adwords effectively your profits will far outweigh what your google adwords advertising costs are. In this article I really want to cover some tips that will help you maximise profits when using google adwords and help to keep your advertising costs to a bare minimum.

Targeting on google adwords is something that should always be selected carefully. If you feel a product will sell better in a certain country then ensure you select that country. If you feel you have a product that can be sold world wide than make sure you cover each country. Ebooks are regularly marketed through google adwords and always sell well when targeting a world wide audience.

Tracking is something 95% of users will not do, so if you can get this one down you will be in a better position than 95% of the people who use google adwords. You need to plant the google adwords tracking code on your payment page or if you are an affiliate you will need to email the webmaster and ask them to insert the code for you. Most sellers will not have a problem with this. Tracking will allow you to see which key words convert and which dont.

Site targeting is another great way to get hold of the traffic ready and willing to buy. However I would only suggest you do this once you know which keywords do the selling and which ones dont. Once you have keywords that sell type them into googles search and see which sites appear at the top of googles organic list. If the site has google adsense on you can then go to your google adsense account and target that particular site. If you have an ad on googles search results and on the top website the sales should role in.

Google adwords and google in general is all about relevance so my last piece of advice would be to always use your choosen keywords within your ads in the title and in the body of the ad. When relevancy is increased so is your google adwords quality score, hence your cost per click is reduced. Using these tips will see your google adwords advertising costs slashed, leaving you to pull in massive profits from your campaigns.
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