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SEO Success - SEO Is Not About Keyword Ranking but Keyword Theme

Jul 26, 2008
SEO or search engine optimization is used to help businesses to get more organic traffic online and increase conversion for their products or services. When you optimize a website, the success or failure of your optimization is not solely dependent on the rankings of a few general keywords. It is determined by the overall organic traffic and conversion.

Many business owners and marketing managers still measure the success of SEO by its keyword rankings. However, this is not the correct way to measure the ROI of your optimization process. No SEO consultant can guarantee rankings of keywords when it comes to optimization. This is because the organic listing of search engines is live and the listings change every day. Moreover, due to different datacenter, the display of ranking will differ according to which datacenter you are in when you do a search. So how can you measure the success of SEO based on these variables?

An experienced SEO consultant will not measure the success of your optimization based on keyword ranking. They will optimize a website based on a specific keyword theme. In another words, they should have a series of questions to ask you so that they can understand more about your marketing objective and find out the visitors' profile to your website. Who are your visitors? What is the demographic of your visitors? What are some of the information that the visitors wish to find out from your website?

Once the visitor profile is determined, the consultant will develop a list of keywords that are related to what you are offering. From the list of keyword, the consultant will identify a keyword theme and will revolve the entire optimization process around it. Keyword theme is very important and the consultant will make sure that the content and tagging of your website will be closely related to the keyword theme chosen.

If the keyword theme of your website is chosen correctly, your website will eventually get the most out of the organic listings of search engines. Your visitors will find your website from various long-tailed keywords due to the content that you have on your website. Long-tailed keywords usually contribute more organic traffic when compared to the generic keywords that you have optimized. Visitors using long-tailed keywords to find your site are more likely to buy from you due to their high interest level. Therefore, be sure to cooperate closely with your SEO consultant by giving him the necessary content to work on.

Last but not least, your website should have analytic codes installed so that you can track the performance of your optimization process. Review the analytic report every 3 months to see the performance of your overall organic traffic and conversions.
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