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The Right Job Interview Questions.

Jul 27, 2008
The questions you should consider asking during any job interview should not be a concern if you plan them well in advance. Many times, interviewers become stuck as to what should be asked of the applicant. Conducting an interview is not a simple task at all. You need to be very focused and remain on the specific topic. At times you may have to manipulate questions or ask questions depending upon the answer given by the applicant. Questions asked during job interview should be specific and completely applicant oriented.

Generally it is expected that during an interview you ask questions in increasing order of importance. Initially these should be general questions to which the answers will be informative and generalized. Some examples of the primary questions from which you will commence the interview are: "Tell me about yourself.", "What do you do?", "Why do you want to work with us?" etc. After these initial questions you should gradually ask questions, which are more descriptive. Some examples of these are: "What do you know about this organization?", "Why did you leave your last job?', "What do you find most attractive about this position?" "What seems to be least attractive about it?" From these questions you will test the confidence of the applicant.

After these primary questions, you should then progress to the next level of questions. In this section, you should ask questions which will indicate the skills the candidate has to perform the job and they should necessarily test their talent and expertise in the related field. These questions are of crucial importance in any interview. Some of these questions are: "Why should we employ you?", "What do you want in a job?", "What can you do for the company that someone else cannot?", "Have you completed any courses or training to improve your knowledge in the past year?" etc.

After this section of the interview, you will be required to evaluate how efficiently the candidate can do the job and how well they work under pressure. These questions are mainly concerned with previous work experience or the attitude of the candidate and may include technical briefing or other job related queries, eg " What is your philosophy towards work?", "Have you ever been asked to leave your employment?", "Describe your dream job.", "What are you looking for in a job?", "What has more relevance to you: the money or the job satisfaction?", "Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.", "Do your skills match this job or another job more closely?? etc. Then you may proceed to questions such as: "Are you willing to work overtime, nights, or at weekends?", "What have you learned from mistakes on the job?", "How do you suggest you will compensate for any lack of experience?"

At the conclusion of the interview the questions you ask will assist you in understanding how well the candidate will fit into the team or company. With these questions you will be choosing from equally qualified candidates. It is important that you discover now whether they will be an asset or liability and how productive they will be as a team member. Some of the most commonly asked questions in this regard are as follows: "Tell me about a time when you assisted in solving a dispute between other members of your team.", "Describe your management style.", "Tell me about a problem you had with a co-worker or supervisor.", "What kind of person would you refuse to work with?" and finally, "What do you look for in a job?
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