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How to Get Rich Illusions and Facts

Jul 27, 2008
Money has always been good! The era in which we are living; money can be termed as not only fine, but also absolutely necessary. Apart from air, it might be the most essential thing of life. You cannot ignore the importance of happiness, faith, fitness, friendship, love, and health, however; but just try to answer a question, how are we able to eat, visit the doctor, or pay the rent without having a sufficient amount of money? Unless and until we carry out a dramatic change in the society, money would always remain on number 2 on scale of importance. Air would always be on the top. That's why; majority of people are trying to find answer to this million dollar question, "How to get rich?"

Illusions and facts

The above explanation definitely does not mean that the only reason behind your existence is money. Every one would start worshipping money in an unnatural way then. For functioning in the society, one needs to have some money, so that he can conduct himself comfortably. That would certainly mean around $250/week or even $1000/week, depending on the circumstances of yours, along with location. Anything additional to this survival amount would definitely be less essential as compared to the health, family, friends, happiness, and spiritual life of yours. Anything less than this amount would become a struggle in terms of survival, and hence, must be avoided at any cost. Therefore, you can move on the track of 'How to get rich', but, at the same time, not get completely engrossed in making money.

Money cannot be root of every evil

Most of the people tend to form opinions of theirs regarding money right from the early age. This unfortunately means that several truths which mean well get misinterpreted. The biggest misinterpretation is that money causes most of the problem the life; and pollutes people's minds. This is likely to come from the elders who are making every effort to put their teachings forward. That's why; many people look upon the issue of 'How to get rich?' as a taboo.

You, however, need to understand that it's not money, but the people causing problems. Money is, in actual sense, a tool which can be used for the betterment of society. A person having good virtues would use the money for constructive purposes; whereas the bad person would go on to do something destructive with the same money. It's the attitude that matters. It should be noted that a thing mustn't be labeled evil just because certain bad people tend to use them in an incorrect manner. So, think positively about "How to get rich?"

Increasing money

The first way by which money can be made is 'saving'. You should manage your finances positively. This path would start by keeping at least 10% of the money earned by you. This rule is, unluckily, ignored by those having no money. This 10% is not meant for fast cars, bigger house, or holidays, but to invest in the assets which go on with the production of income or/and increase of value. As the total income of yours would increase, the 10% would also increase, and as such, the small amounts with which you started at first every week would become bigger and bigger. The wealth of yours would snowball with time. So, following this fair and straightforward way of 'How to get rich?' should be started as fast as possible.
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