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Should I Market my MLM Opportunity Locally or Online?

Jul 27, 2008
So what do you think?

It seems that there is a trend today within the network marketing industry for network marketers to become internet marketers. All successful marketers today need to learn how to effectively and cost effectively use the internet, but not at the cost of neglecting local prospecting and recruiting methods.

Yes, we would all like to be able to sit at home on our laptops and make money while watching our our favorite TV show, but the number of marketers who are realistically able to do this is very limited.

Should you be marketing your network marketing online ....or........offline?

I hope this article challenges your thinking.

I believe the simple answer is both, but let's examine this question in more detail.

I believe the goal of every network marketing professional should strive to master prospecting in a logical, sequential order.

STEP ONE Learn how to correctly gather Warm Market Referrals

STEP TWO Learn how to recruit in your local market

STEP THREE Learn how to recruit with newspaper advertising

STEP FOUR Learn how to recruit with direct mail and postcards

STEP FIVE Learn how to recruit with Funded Proposals

STEP SIX Learn how to recruit online

STEP SEVEN Learn how to recruit with voice broadcasting to purchased leads

Anyone who learns the above 7 steps in a logical sequential order will become a Master Prospector within this industry. There are great courses in the market place by accomplished MLM Professionals on all of the above sections.

Now, depending on your opportunity it may make more sense to reverse Step two Local market and Step six online recruiting. A general rule is if you market a service, market it online, if you market a physical product master local market recruiting and prospecting.

In general physical products need more explanations, real local testimonies, and someone locally who can answer questions, and provide exceptional customer service. Many services are self explanatory.

From a recruiting standpoint, it is much easier recruiting and developing a team locally than it is all over the world. Summer Cookouts, Christmas parties, and other group activities can bond local members of your team and create a different kind of dynamic that simply isn't available when you have team members scattered all over the world.

By focusing on building a strong local team your organization will naturally expand. Local team members will end up adding people from the circle on influence on their team, this is a natural progression.

When your organization spreads because of relationships it is much stronger than if you have a group of people that meet online. Again, some programs and make sense to market online first, but most will grow much quicker and faster when you follow the sequential order above.

As your organization starts to expand it is very important that you keep in constant contact with your team through email and webinars at least once a week is very important.

As a network marketing professional, you should strive to MASTER all levels of prospecting. Even if you think you can build your team using one or two methods, many of your team members will need multiple methods. It is your job as a network marketing leader to learn multiple prospecting methods so you can you can teach your team in a logical, sequential order.
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