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How to Design Quality Leaflets

Jul 27, 2008
Leaflets are a form of direct advertising to get information or a message across to consumers and customers. The message and information you print on your leaflets has to be convincing and appealing for people to get hooked onto the information you're providing. It is usually handed out in public areas or posted on bulletin boards in places where many people will be likely to see it. There are many ways to attract people's attention but on a leaflet you have to achieve it in a clear effective manner and be able to draw the reader's attention instantly.

The first step to leaflet printing is to decide what type of consumer to target. If you're selling perfumes, targeting females from the ages 18 and older might be a good start to your leaflet. Think about what designs and style would appeal to them and accordingly design your leaflet. Think about weaving in a feminine soft style to the images, fonts, vocabulary and layout of your leaflets. Also plan out what offer or discount information you would want to include into your leaflet printing design to attract consumers to your product or service. Sales, discounts, one time offers or unique features that your company provides as compared to competitors, would be a good thing to highlight in your leaflet. Just keep in mind not to clutter or crowd your leaflet with too much information which will confuse or cause a consumer to lose interest.

Images are just as important in any leaflet as the words you choose. Images not related to your product or service can be very distracting and can lead to disinterest. Make sure images are good quality images which are not blurry or pixelated. Shabby layout designs lead a person to assume your product or service is just as poor. Try sticking to images that have something relevant to your product or service. Use ideal leaflet sizes so it will be easy for people to keep them in their purses or pocket. If it is an awkward sized leaflet most likely it will just end up in the trash. Standard leaflet printing sizes include 8.5 X 11, 8.5 X 14, and 11 X 17 inches. Even the simple time taken to check for any spelling and grammar mistakes can make the difference between someone overlooking your leaflet and coming to take a look at your store. It is essential that the leaflet has the information to get in touch with you or your business. Choosing the right quality and colour of paper needs to be considered when printing your leaflet. Test out one leaflet first before printing all of them at once.

Leaflet printing has started an increased popularity in desktop publishing due to the convenience of designing and printing leaflets at your own convenience. It is a cheap form of advertising and an easy way to reach out to the public. Most desktop publishing programs also provide templates to make it easy to design a leaflet with an attractive layout. So take the time to design the perfect layout for your leaflet so you can effectively advertise your product or service and attract consumers for a successful business.
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