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How to Create Effective Business Cards

Jul 27, 2008
Everything in businesses today has become paperless with technological advancements introducing email, internet, scanning and others. However, the one essential paper item required for businesses and entrepreneurs which continues to be utilized effectively is a business card. A business card is very important to let customers, clients and possible investors take your information with them and remember you when the time comes. Have you ever been in a situation where you've bought something from someone and then you can't remember where the store is located or what it's called? That business provided you a service or product which you would have wanted to use or buy again. Because you can't remember the details you will be likely go somewhere else to buy that product or service. This should not happen to you and your business and so business cards assure you that customers will remember you. If you are in a business which requires exchanging information often with clients then having a business card will be useful.

Business cards needs to be perfect for others to get the right first impression about you. It is a way to tell others what your profession is, to give them an idea of how you will be able to help them and what services you can provide. A business card should reflect that you are a professional, you do your job well and you know what you're doing. There are many different styles for business cards but it is important to choose a style and layout which is organized and appealing to the eye. The basic essentials a business card should contain are your first and last name, your title or designation in the business, the name of the business, the service you provide if it is not obvious, and the options to contact you. The contact information should at least have a landline telephone number, a cell phone number if available, email address, website of the business, and mailing address. Remember, your business card is not a brochure, so don't make it confusing by listing too many services and products. If you really must list a few services you also have the option to list them on the back of the business card so your contact information stays clear and orderly.

Most business cards follow the horizontal layout design as it is easier to read and provides enough room to effectively space out every piece of information on the business card. Your name should be the most emphasized piece of information on your business card and should be styled with a bold and large font. The layout design for your business card is also important to plan because it's the difference between someone thinking your business will be useful and having your card thrown in the trash. It would also be wise to follow the ideal size of 3.5 by 2 inches which will fit in any wallet. The quality of the paper used should also be taken into consideration so it will be durable and won't easily tear. People also judge you by the paper you use for your business card. If you use good quality paper for your card they will assume you take your business seriously and are a dedicated professional. Some even take the time to laminate their business cards so they are preserved better and last longer. Unique ideas are also followed such as printing business cards on wood, metal or plastic. The latest trend is to magnetize business cards so it can have 3 purposes: people use it on their fridge as a magnet, it creates a way for people to see your information often, and so they won't lose your business card.

The type of ink used to print your business card should be long lasting and permanent so if it gets moist the ink should not run. Colours used on your business card should be thought out carefully. Depending on your profession more or less colours will be necessary. For example, if your business is a craft and arts store then you might consider using more colours and innovative fonts to produce a creative layout which exemplifies your business. However, you have to know if its going to represent your business in the ideal manner. If you are a doctor or lawyer you would tend to use less colour and fonts and depict a crisp and concise business card. The font size chosen should not be too small otherwise it will be difficult for someone to read your details and information. It should be in a font that is easy on the eyes and clear enough that details can be quickly understood. Contact information should have the most information so you provide a variety of options for people to get in touch with you.

It is definitely a good idea to invest in quality business cards. Make sure that when you do, you follow the proper guidelines so they will be used to their full potential, bringing in more business for you and your company.
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