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Ecommerce - The Musical

Jul 27, 2008
Can't you just envision it? The creative types from Hollywood coming to terms with a musical dedicated to ecommerce. Maybe they saw the light when musicals about school life made it big.

Imagine the scene opening to someone getting out of bed at 10:00 AM. They suffer from major bed head, but they open their eyes to sing of the virtue of sleep and the rebel attitude of being able to sleep in.

A unique plot movement involving children and story time follows this scene. Another song ends in three-part harmony as the children join their parent in an ode to family freedom.

The potential for greatness continues as the ecommerce business owner logs on to their computer and tracks sales. This is followed by a rousing number in the mail room/basement as boxes dance in a perfectly choreographed number involving a postage meter.

I could go on, but I don't think it would make much difference. You get the idea - strange as it might be.

Musicals don't always work in real life and they may not translate especially well to cyberspace, but there is something to the notion that there is a natural movement in ecommerce that is fluid like a musical.

It is possible, and perhaps even advisable, for an ecommerce business to work into a groove. That's not to say that I think ecommerce should become monotonous, but rather it should get to the place where it runs smoothly so as to allow you to work on marketing strategies, product development and overall business growth.

Part of the allure of ecommerce is that it lends itself extremely well to a variety of home-based business opportunities. Men and women are seeing the incredible positives associated with being able to work from home.

When you conduct ecommerce from home the interesting benefit is that site visitors have no idea if you are located in a glass paneled office downtown or if you're eating a snack cake in sweats at home.

Maybe ecommerce is not the stuff of musicals, but it is the stuff of real life in an arena that allows a great deal of freedom to express yourself and your business idea while giving you the freedom you need to be a parent and a spouse.

In a world often dictated by doing whatever it takes to get to the top ecommerce can simply allow you to create an entirely new path that you design. A path that is constructed the way you want and altered when you feel such alteration is needed. You suddenly get to decide virtually everything about your new direction.

If ecommerce was a musical then your enlarged network is the choir. They join you when you sing about the high points of your journey and they commiserate with you when things don't go the way you had hoped they would.

As with every business there will always be a heightened sense of drama. As a business owner you simply work to make the best sense of what you experience and then plan on repeat performances when things go well or to delete a scene when things go bad.

It's your business. How's your story developing?
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