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Moneymaking and a Childhood Revisit

Jul 28, 2008
Do you remember the thrill you had as a young person when you discovered that you had the ability to exchange a burgeoning skill (or incredibly hard work) for cash? Maybe it was the widow Jenkins down the street who wanted her shed cleaned out. Maybe it was Mr. Rowley who needed his lawn mowed. Perhaps it was Mrs. Lane who needed someone to watch her children while she and Mr. Lane attended a company event.

It could be that someone first asked you if you'd be willing. For some privileged youth the opportunity came at the hands of others who were willing to part with cash, but they needed someone they could afford. The end result was the consumer asking the seller to sell, but in that single act a door opened and with it came a brilliant discovery that a young person did not have to live by allowance alone.

One successful experience led to a sporadic desire to part with a little labor in exchange for the ability to conduct commerce. You remember - you wanted even more money. If you were like many you would often count the accumulating cash and dream big dreams. Perhaps you were like others who simply couldn't wait for any future purchase. You had to spend your money - and now. You're mom or dad would mumble phrases like, "Money, just burns a hole in his pocket," or "Why can't she learn to save her money."

In cash deprived youth it can almost feel like a spigot has been released when a payday comes and the need to consume can be overwhelming.

Some of that joy can be pushed down over the years as you settle into a career that is daily. The focus moves away from the job of individual job creation and the strain of life places a subtle feeling of drudgery into the act of creating wealth.

You know what that's like - punch in at nine, fill your time, punch out and then go home. The monotony of the daily grind can cause temporary amnesia for those days of discovery that seem far removed from life in the 21st century.

The dynamic of remembering may be what allows many traditional workers today to begin looking at moneymaking ideas as a means of renewing a passion for life. It may not be that they are entirely dissatisfied with their lives, but they may feel a bit like a car hopelessly stuck in mud. The wheels are spinning, but they are going nowhere.

It's amazing to see how many individuals who are fifty and better who are remembering what it was like to be their own boss, if only for a brief window of time, during their youth. That memory ignites something inside and has given a multitude of dreamers an opportunity to reengage a passion for work and life. Usually this change of mind is about more that money alone.

There may always be the fear that dreaming isn't safe, but that fear should be tempered by the fact that a little risk and a little reward can somehow let you see life differently.

Moneymaking ideas are plentiful and you may have a few rolling around in your mind right now. What prevents you from taking the same steps you did as a young person to develop a product or service for which others will exchange money?
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