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A Way to Earn Income at Home

Jul 28, 2008
As an Internet user, I've often wondered how sites make money off the web. I always thought that it was about selling their products, and if that were the case, I thought that a lot e-businesses might have to file for bankruptcy in a few years as there are very few people who purchase products from the internet. But now I realize how wrong I was!

The Internet is composed of millions of sites and each site up to thousands of pages. Just like manufacturing, it is important for e-businesses to engage in advertising so that Internet users will visit their pages. This is called Internet marketing and there are a number of ways that this is done. There's what you call as search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Some people market their sites using social media while others choose to buy web text link.

Not all Internet users already have certain sites that they visit whenever they need information on certain topics. Most often, they go to search engines such as Google, and search for sites using certain keywords. Say for example a person needs information on the alternatives to petrol, he can type in "alternative fuels" and will see a list of sites. This list is arranged by website link popularity - those located on the first ten spots have the highest site page rank. Since most internet users do not go past the first page of Google search, it is the goal of every website to increase Google page rank and get to the top ten of the search for the keyword that they are targeting. But how can this be done?

To increase page rank, some Internet marketers use what we call as pay-per-click advertising. This is basically the research of keywords related to the product or service that a home site offers and then buying text links from a second site which has a regular stream of visitors. These text links are placed on strategic areas on the second website and every time a visitor clicks on a link and is redirected to the home site, the second website gets a commission if that visitor makes a purchase, or a fixed amount, depending on the policy of the home site.

This essentially means that you don't need to sell your own products in order for you to earn income off the Internet. If you have a high page rank, other sites related to your topic (or niche) you can have other sites buy text links to be featured on your site. By advertising with your site that has lots of visitors coming from search engines, home sites can also increase Google page rank.

As it turns out, the Internet has developed into a powerhouse not only of information, but also of businesses. It has created numerous alternatives for people to earn income without leaving the comforts of their home. By learning Internet marketing and having a website that has high page rank and great traffic, you can now earn more than those who have corporate work!
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