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How To Improve Website Traffic

Aug 17, 2007
If you dream of making money with your website, there is only one way in which you can possibly achieve the target, by improving the website traffic to your website. Sounds simple, but not simple as it appears, and not a complex task either if approached the issue in the way it should be. In the following paragraphs, we will see few proven methods by which the traffic to a website can be increased manifolds and that without any substantial investment of money or ones own time.

This thought is quite straight forward, increased traffic to a website, to an extent would imply that many people are able to remember the domain name without putting any conscious effort. Therefore, it is important that in order to draw more people to visit your website, your selected domain name must be simple and unique. For example, while a name such as carparts, would be easier to recollect, something along the lines of gettapesfromtom, will be hard to remember and hence is unlikely to pop up in the users mind in the first place even if he/she wants to search something that is offered only by your website.

Yes, searching in a search engine might lead them to your website, but then it is dependent on a variety of factors and there is this possibility that the person may miss your website in case the website fails to get listed in the top 10 or 20 search results.

Again, depending on adsense or bidvertiser to generate revenue is not so practical and hence the best way to make money is to sell something through your website. If your website sells something interesting, it is bound to attract more visitors. Further, you can boost up the numbers if you could back up the items put on sale with a couple of articles, ideally in the form of a FAQ, or a reference page containing positive recommendations from the existing buyers. Remember, search engines crave for newer and interesting contents and if your website could provide that as well, then there is no reason why it cannot get listed amongst the top few of the search results, which would further mean more website traffic daily.

Also, it is advisable to make use of the many SEO techniques in terms of design and content to prop up the page rankings.

Trade links is another way to boost up your rankings and there are several programs that allow one to do this. But, while trading links make sure that the links you exchange are indeed genuine and are not black listed by google. Also, see to it that they are related to your products in some way or the other. In other words, if your website sells exercising equipments, an automobile promotion link does not do any good in attracting more visitors.

Then there are free traffic generators that bring about guaranteed targeted website traffic. An example for such software is the Traffic Swarm, and it is generating lots of positive feedbacks from its users.

To conclude, the traffic a website generates is not something that happens by chance. But it is a cumulative effect of some crucial factors, whose selective and intelligent implementation could catapult any website on to the road to internet riches. Do just as what has been suggested in the earlier paragraphs and see for yourself how your hit counter is galloping and your coffers getting filled simultaneously.
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