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Six Ways of Increasing Your Google Page Rank

Jul 28, 2008
There are several ways you can increase Google page rank - several techniques can be used to get that highly coveted #1 spot in Google search. But first, what is page rank?

The Google page rank tells you how important a website is. It tells you how many sites are linked to another website. Page rank is denoted by the number 0 to 10 and the higher the number, the more important the site is.

The algorithm used by Google to compute the site page rank is highly confidential but we already have an idea on the different factors that they count. Some say it is the website link popularity that matters most. Others say content is also a big factor. There are others still who say that it's not simply the number of links that matters but also the relevancy of each link. For example, if your niche is "music production" and the links to your site comes from real estate site, you might not get a high page rank from Google because your links are not relevant.

Now that you understand what page rank is, let's discuss: how do you increase page rank?

There are a number of ways but here are several of them. First, you can join forums related to your niche. Make sure to put your own signature that has a link to your site. This way, every post you make is counted as a separate link and can help increase you website's link popularity. This also helps build your presence on the web - the more people who sees your site, the greater your chances are of having a regular stream of visitors.

Second, submit your site to directories. This is a good move as most of these directory submission sites are free. Third, you can also create articles and submit them to article directories. You can be a guest writer at a high traffic site and have a resource box at the end promoting your website.

Another method you can use to bring in targeted traffic is to buy text links from sites, which has a high number of visitors. This way, when people see the link embedded on an article, get curious, and clicks on the link, you get visitors redirected to your site! The more web text link you buy from a site, the greater your website link popularity will be! Sure, some of the visitors you receive might not purchase from your site, but the greater number of visitors to your site increases the chances of having a successful sale! Aside from this, once you build your authority on the web, this time it is the other sites, which will by web text link from you!

So you see, to increase page rank means you open new options for your site to earn income. It also allows you greater freedom since you can build high website link popularity from your home. If you own a site and do not have the time to do this yourself, there are Internet marketing professionals who can do it for you. No matter what you choose, only one thing remains - increase Google page rank and you increase your income.
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