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How to Profit From Google Adsense

Jul 28, 2008
In Brad Callen's book, Google Adwords Made Easy, the first chapter begins, "Are You Prepared To Profit From Instant Web Traffic?" There is much written about Adsense and PPC, both pros and cons. However, if you want instant traffic I suggest that PPC (pay-per-click) is the quickest method. However, it can be a mine field if you don't approach PPC without the proper foundation, information and knowledge about Google Adsense.

The lifeblood of any online business is website traffic. We all want it and want it now! Search engines are a good way to bring free traffic to your website the problem with this method is that it takes time to rank highly in Google and other search engines. A system for bringing in instant traffic, however, is - pay-per-click advertising (PPC). As Brad states in his book, "The bad news is that 95 percent of PPC advertisers end up throwing several hundred bucks down the hole before they even begin to understand how pay-per-click works. What's more, there are many business owners who, after being burned to the tune of several thousands of dollars, give up on PPC advertising because they don't get how it works." It'll take you just 10 minutes for you to set up an ad campaign in Google Adwords. Immediately after your ad is ready, it will start bringing in traffic to your websites. No matter what you're selling, you have a chance, in 10 minutes, to start making sales.

The Inevitable Keywords

This is an important point to always remember: Your website is not about you, it's about your visiting audience. It doesn't matter what words you think they will use to find your website. The only words that matter are the actual words that the Internet visitor types in the search engine search box when he/she is looking for a website just like yours. Without having the right keywords (keywords are the words that people are typing into the search engines) in your website content and advertising such as PPC ads, then you are out of the game and your competitors are going to get their chance at the money.

Successful PPC campaigns are based on three things:

1. Focused keyword research

2. Compelling Ads

3. Effective landing pages

This research isn't as difficult as it may appear. It really is narrowed down to two steps:

1. Finding a profitable topic

2. Using keyword databases and PPC engines to create a list of words around that topic

It isn't the intention of this article to explain the details of how to create PPC ads. Rather, to give you information how to make better and more sound decisions on which to focus your efforts for a profitable Adsense campaign. Do not be afraid of keyword search or think that it is too difficult or that it's a waste of your time. Quite the contrary, it is essential. Never do any of the following exercises without looking up what type of keywords people are searching for:

1. Make up a domain name

2. Write a title for a blog post

3. Write a title tag

4. Write a meta description tag

5. Write a title for an article

6. Figuring out a demand for a product or service

7. Writing any Ad campaign

Always use keyword research data to determine what keywords to use. When you do you can expect more visitors to your website. More importantly, by viewing your targeted ad you'll pre-sell your visitor better BEFORE they get to your website. The principle is very simple here. Without profitable keywords, you're not going to make money, no matter how well written your ad is.
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