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Blending Social Networks and Network Marketing

Jul 28, 2008
Social Networking is now becoming more prevalent in the internet world as websites are becoming dinosaurs of the past. Businesses have more to gain by joining a community with like minded individuals. Almost twelve months ago no one knew who Barack Obama was until his videos were all over YouTube and Google video. Hey, what better way to market yourself than a visual speaking to others about your vision for the future. That campaign made 31 million dollars alone from just social networking. Your network marketing business can accomplish the same results and you can do it all with just a signup. Social Networking isn't only attracting the marketers it is also attracting the HR managers and recruiters who have had enough of sifting and sorting through millions of resumes. Social networking & business networking are fast becoming sound grounds for recruits.

Network marketing is a relationship business that is based on trust. People need to see who you are, what you are and just what kind of a person you are. This is were you as an expert marketer come in. Start joining social networks and customize your own page, invite clients, upload videos about your business and what you do. The networks are constantly upgrading, giving you tools to communicate with your clients within the network. All this can be done free of charge.

That's right, you can fire you web designer and save money. Social Networking is only going to get better as we move forward into the information age of web 2.0. Synergy, Facebook, YouTube, and Myspace are just a few to name. However, Guess who is on all of them? That's right, Barack Obama. Google played a major part in his marketing efforts. One can also accomplish the same results with network marketing through Social Networks. Social Networks can also help one reach there financial dream with time and patients. Synergy is one of the networks that focuses on working with new members to help achieve one dreams. By marketing to small business owners and those who are looking for business opportunities Synergy agitates for a good relationship between owner and client. Facebook and Myspace markets towards family, friends and of course staying in contact with one another.

Social networking allows one to join up free and invite his or her friends to join up as well which creates a viral effect on the internet as well as word of mouth advertising. For example, if you just come from just watching a great movie at the theater, the first thing we say, "Boyyyy, that was a cool movie, I especially like the scene where..." We do it all the time subconsciously without thinking about it. That is what you call marketing. And we do it socially with our friends and family. If one wants to improve his or her position in network marketing, social networking is the one of the keys to success.

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