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Powerful Proven Online Advertising Methods That Won't Break the Bank

Jul 28, 2008
Tried and True Sure-Fire Powerhouse Methods To Jumpstart Your Recruiting Efforts, And better yet, they are free.

Building your Network Marketing or home based business requires advertising, but if you are like me, you ventured into this lucrative market because you needed to earn more money not spend it.

The experience I had when first starting out was not pleasant. It seemed that every time I turned around, I had to re-invest the little bit of money I had earned to advertise for more clients, and in the end, I just wasn't getting ahead. I was going broke.

If you are not careful, you can spend your hard earned profit, before it has been earned.

There simply is no way to get ahead and turn profitable if you have to spend your hard earned money on advertising, especially when you are just venturing out.

How do you get ahead, if you can't keep up with the "big boys"?

The best way to get started with advertising is to utilize every free resource that is available on the internet. I would caution you to stay away from ad blasters and "safe - lists" because you will spin your wheels. It just isn't efficient to send your email message to lists that don't get read, and what's worse, you'll end up getting a ton of spam email, and phone calls from people trying to sell you their product.

What you need is a step by step guide to show you how to build your business without spending a ton of money to get results.

Here is how I did it, and saw incredible results with my travel website. I have been able to utilize these techniques with great success, and the results have been so good, that I have passed these techniques down to my downline, and have watched them duplicate the results I have achieved.

After months of due diligence and research, I identified free advertising sources that I could track for results, and made a goal to reinvest a portion of my earnings into affordable, low cost advertising mediums.

The following two tips are advertising methods that I incorporated into my advertising strategy. These methods cost me nothing, and as I began to make money, I diligently reinvested a portion toward budgeted advertising campaigns, being sure to track my results for each paid advertising campaign.

Two free tips that you can implement right away:

Tip #1

Utilize Your Email Signature and create a viral ad campaign.

There is no better way to utilize all of the forwarded jokes, email offers, and outright spam that you receive than to send them a "bounce back" email with your signature. A good example of this would be:

Wishing you happiness and success in life,
Alecia Barnes
Advertise your business without breaking the bank...

Send this to everyone that sends you an email, as a reply. Turn that spam into cash!

Tip #2

Free Classified Ad Sites

Do a search on Google for free classified ads, and submit your classified ad message. I would advise you not to use your main email account if you do this, so look into a free email account prior to placing your ads. This will get some response if you do the research and place your ads in front of the right audience. A couple of the sites that I use are Adlandpro , Epage Classifieds as well as Inetgiant classifieds.

This is a completely free resource, so stay focused, and don't spend money!

In summary, the key to getting your business to the next level is to generate some cash flowing back to you.

The two tips I have outlined are just the tip of the iceberg for free resources, but, starting small will allow you to master these techniques. Look for part two in the upcoming weeks.
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Alecia Barnes is a successful Internet Entrepreneur and Professional Network Marketing Professional who assists businesses with their online marketing and recruiting efforts. Find money saving advertising tips at Free Marketing Assistance and Free Videos Series- Build Your Business On A Budget Travel Careers - Now Hiring
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