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Top 3 Industries That Invest the Highest in Internet Advertising

May 5, 2014
Internet Advertising, with its ability to include large amounts of data and reach global audiences with an unprecedented accuracy, is set to become the most preferred means of Advertising. Our relationship with the virtual world keeps strengthening and the medium of internet is now able to complete most business functions including buying, selling, and delivery. Thus, the Online Markets are increasing their share in industries all over the world. Some of the top industries that have seen a revolutionary shift from the traditional platforms to online platforms, and where Internet Advertising play an important role, have been discussed here.


Banking sector is one of the top sectors that have seen a complete digitalization of its functions. The face of this industry has been changed by the internet to such extents that it bears no resemblance to what it used to be. There are no long queues at the banks anymore as most of the transactions are carried online. Thus, one can see both the public and private sector banks going for extensive Advertising on the Internet Platform. It makes sense too, as when the users can be found online, Internet Advertising becomes the most viable means to reach them. The reason why the banks have shifted to function online is the involvement of huge amounts of data and complex calculations. The amount of time that has been saved and the increase in convenience is too large to be ignored. We may very well see a time, in the near future, when the only reasons for which users go to banks in person will be the rare query that cannot be solved online. That will be the time when Internet Advertising will most likely become the single most effective way for promoting new bank services.


Recruitment is another industry that involves the processing of huge loads of data in the preliminary phases. Though it is true that classifieds in the local dailies still carry Advertisements for posts, most of the process happens online. Almost every individual sets up accounts with online job consultancies like Naukri and Monster. The recruiters also prefer to refer to the online portfolios of the candidates while screening the initial candidates. It becomes a crucial aspect to place the Internet Ads for Job Vacancies in the right pages of the internet, so as to reach the maximum number of eligible candidates.

Apparel Industry

The online stores and price comparison service providers combined to change the way consumers shopped for clothes, shoes, and other apparel items. People found it more convenient to compare prices and shop online than to roam from shop to shop to find the right balance between the desired taste and right price. As more and more shoppers shifted from the traditional to online platforms, the industry found that Internet Advertising was the best way to promote new launches and drops in prices, as the user would not have to go through any change in the medium. This has worked out well for both consumers and advertisers as a much wider range can be displayed and explored within a shorter period of time and with greater convenience.

Since, monopoly has ceased to exist in almost all the markets, the consumers make informed choices. It is vital that a brand ensures that this information is readily available. The Internet Ads can be easily connected with landing pages where the users can find a wealth of information on the product, if he feels necessary. The above industries are among the first to utilize ecommerce and will soon be followed by the others. In that event, Internet Advertising Agencies can very well prepare for a time when they will have the maximum share of the advertising budgets from almost all the industries.
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