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Is A Cell Phone Headset Really Useful Or Just A Fashion Item ?

Aug 17, 2007
Well, what can I say? It really is the day and age of the cell phone isn't it? I mean, who doesn't have one these days is more the go. These phones are so the norm that now everyone has a cell phone headset to complete the package. Apart from the fact that they are very trendy they are also used for good reasons.

Not only do we all own a mobile but also we all use it constantly meaning where ever we are or what ever we are doing we are talking on one. Of course this in itself can cause all sorts of problems. For example when we are driving our car does that stop us from talking on the phone? No way! So to avoid having an accident it is best to use a cell phone headset. This of course leaves our hands free and our eyes hopefully on the road where they are supposed to be. In many countries and states this is the only way you can use your cell without being fined as it is illegal to use your phone while driving without a hands free device of some kind.

Other reasons for using a cell phone headset is that you can listen to music comfortably instead of holding the phone to your ear all the time. Not just music but you can check your emails and so on as well. It is much more comfortable to do it this way.

On the negative side of things there has of course been much talk of radiation from this type of phone usage when being so close to your brain. Whether this is true or not it is a good idea to use a cell phone headset so you can avoid this risk totally.

Many business people for example are on their phones constantly at work as well as to-ing and fro-ing to work. Imagine how sore their arms would be if they had to hold it up to their ear all day. That is another reason for a cell phone headset. They help people become more multi tasked within their work place and travel time. For whatever reason you may wish to use one of these, you can be assured that it will benefit you greatly.

Often these days when you buy your new phone you will find that a head set will be in the package deal and if not you will have the option to buy one separately. Even if you have an older cell you should be able buy a set that is compatible. They really are a great idea and you will soon find that especially if you are always on the phone they will make life a lot easier for you.
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