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Link Building and SEO: A Business Perspective

Jul 28, 2008
The internet grows exponentially with every passing minute. Many businesses engaged in the advertising wars played out online are trying desparately to win over a large portion of their target market. If you want to participate in this high-stakes battle process, it must be your goal to work out the level of intensity your competition is packing to zero-in on the most effective linking strategy you should use for your business.

In the hopes of gaining a steady traffic flow to your company Web site, some businesses utilise paid advertising on high exposure commercial portals of the Internet. If traffic volume is already established on these large portals with a proven advertising model, this can be a great way to launch your Web site and start getting traffic immediately. Pay per click (PPC) is another great way of getting instant traffic to your website because this requires no start-up costs at all. The big advantage of this model is that you only pay for the traffic that is generated from the advertisers Web site directly to your Web site.

These two methods of advertising are good when you're looking for a quick boost of direct web site traffic in the search engines paid query results. In direct contrast to organic search engine ranking, you are able to expose your website quickly to a potentially huge consumer market without investing long hours and the associated learning curve for more traditional organic search engine ranking.

Query results in search engines, or the matches found by a search engine to the keywords entered by the user, are important because of the fact that these are the most effective tools through which users try to access information on the Internet. The volume of information existent on various topics is simply overwhelming, which is the reason why people make use of search engines to do for them the dirty work of going through Internet clutter and give them results ranked on the basis of relevance to what they are exactly looking for.

Google states that you must play by their rules if you want to use their services. They are expending a lot of energy ensuring that advertisers create ads with a high degree of relevancy to their advertised Web site. It therefore stands to reason that advertisers who stray from this requirement will be penalised to the extent of removing the advertisers listing from the returned list of search query results. This is to ensure a higher quality of advertised listings and guarantee more useful information will be returned to the search engine user. More relevant search returns; more perceived value in that particular search engine.

The primary aim should always be to provide quality information that is highly relevant and targets keywords that relate to your websites topic. Your seo marketing should always be focused towards studying just what keywords yield traffic and structure your website to meet this demand.

However, with the Internet being as competitive as it is, it is not enough to employ just one of the many methods to increase traffic. Another means that has been acclaimed in truly delivering increased traffic into the website within the framework of SEO is link-building. Link-building is the process through which one website is advertised in another website dealing with a similar field of interest. Usually, an exchange of links can happen, which can provide mutual benefits to both businesses.

It is the view of many search engine marketers, myself included, that developing a successful link building campaign is the single best job that a website owner should undertake. As your understanding of this technique increases, so too will your ability to source out and choose the best potential link partners to approach. The returns for a successful link building can be many, but the two biggest advantages are direct page visits through your partner sites back links, and the search engine ranking boost that is allocated by competing search engines. The higher your website is ranked in the search engines, the more traffic you will get.

Through this link building process is important to create the impression of expertise and knowledge. This impression will convey your website as respected and increases the level of marketability and trust. As this trust and respect increases so will the amount of related websites wishing to be affiliated with you.

Another way to do this is by soliciting the help of affiliate web pages. Businesses try to make affiliates by constantly reviewing products, articles, and services offered by other companies on their websites that could serve to complement the service or products to their own. This gives the other company greater impetus to provide links to the business because after all, it features their product. This also results in mutual referral, especially in the case of two complementary products.

As any good business owner will tell you, you should always be looking for the most effective ways to market your business. You should always assess the suitability of Web sites you would like to become connected with. If you suspect that a website owner is involved in unethical search engine marketing techniques, you would be well advised to listen to your gut and look at another potential site as a linking partner. If you are new at the game, it can be sometimes difficult to spot warning signs, but I always find that a person's character and track record are a great guide to use when experience in the field is often limited.

Make your site relevant and reputable for the best possible link building opportunities. Through effective link building, your business will cut through the clutter like a beacon in the night. Research your market, seek out possible link associations, offer that site owner a benefit for that Association and watch your site rise. I wish you all the best in business as in life.
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