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Automatic and Auto-Rewind Hose Reels

Jul 28, 2008
Auto rewind hose reels are spring-driven reels built for static discharge. They do not need an external power source to operate. Automatic hose reels use a patented controlled retraction mechanism that is 80% slower than that of other standard spring driven reels. This eliminates the slamming action at the end of the retraction cycle, making operation safer for the worker and prolonging the life of the unit.

Different mounts are available for a variety of industrial environments, along with automatic hose reels specifically engineered for certain types of hoses and applications. Before purchasing an automatic hose reel, we urge you to carefully read over the following and talk to your material handling vendor about the features, advantages, and benefits that each series line offers. Particularly in volatile environments, it is essential that you choose the best auto rewind reel specifically designed for the size and length of the hose or cord you need it for, and for the general work area you will be using it in.

Side mount

Most automatic hose reels are designed to mount on the ceiling or the floor. Some applications, however, require compact, side mount hose reels that can easily install and detach from a number of work environments. These automatic reels feature 360 degree hose direction that allows the user to operate the reel from any position necessary. This makes them excellent tools to use with air/water service units, tool benches, tool boxes, vertical walls and beams, vehicle lift systems, machine tools, service vehicles, any flat vertical surface that requires a hose reel for efficient distribution and retraction of a hose.

Welding Hose

These units are especially useful tools when handling bulky twin line welding hoses. The size of the reel you choose will depend on the length of the welding hose you will be working with. Shorter lengths work well with compact units. Exceptionally long welding hoses require larger auto rewind reels with dual axle support built around a larger chassis and frame.

Power Cord Reels

Power cord reels prevent extensions cords from tangling. They are designed for durable, reliable use in a wide range of manufacturing and heavy duty industrial environments. They are a must have for organizations who cannot afford the safety hazard or downtime that can result from tripping over a power cord or accidentally pulling the cord from a power source during critical operations.

Static Discharge Cable Reels

In highly combustible environments such as chemical plants, refineries, and weapons factories, a single spark can cause an explosion. It is necessary to suppress static electricity as much as possible in these places to minimize the risk of a catastrophe. Static discharge auto rewind cable reels are built with this specific purpose in mind. Further safety is ensured by a non-sparking locket ratchet that secures the cable at the desired length after the reel has completed automatic hose retraction Insulating mechanisms on this unit include a rubber stop cable clamp and a 50 amp grounding clamp standard with each unit. If necessary, your vendor should be able to replace this with a 100 amp copper grounding clamp upon client request.
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