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Where to Find Free Domain Names

Jul 28, 2008
With more and more costs involved in getting a web presence started, and those costs rising rapidly, clients are looking to saving money in more ways than ever before. There are many types of fees involved in creating a website. With web hosting space, software to create the sites, email costs, and other recurring monthly and annual costs more companies now look for ways to save money on domain names and registration services. This is a small yearly fee but it adds up when considering the other costs involved even for a small company. Large companies are often faced with the need for multiple domain names and that only serves to compound the yearly cost of operating their online site. Free domain names can be found, but it is wise to study the pros and cons of these services and what they imply.

There are a few methods of obtaining a free domain name registration. Finding out what they are is not difficult. With the use of a few strategies a business or organization can by-pass the difficulties and extra fees charged for registering a domain name. There are many online and also local companies that offer domain name registration along with a hosting service for a website. The features of both are very similar.

Here are few useful tips to get a free domain name:

* Always do plenty of research when looking into companies that offer free domain name registration. You will get the best deal for your company if you chose a web host with the provisions you require that offer free domain name registration. Large companies often get this given to them even with large hosting companies for the volume of business.

* The easiest way of obtaining a domain name is to use the web host's services for hosting your website. Many web hosts offer free domain name registration if you sign up for one of their packages, and also include email and web design as well.

* Don't neglect looking to your local area for web hosting companies. There are many advantages to using a local company. The ability to communicate issues and concerns face-to-face, or deal with problems in person is just some of those advantages. Many small local companies also offer free domain name registration.

* Check if the web hosting company provides free domain name registration with a private plan. This feature helps to protect the important personal information of the business organization from the inquiry of the general public. In fact, there are a number of people who try to abuse the privilege provided by a website. In such a case the web hosting company alerts the website owner and thus helps to protect the online business.

* There are some free TLD domains which you can obtain for viewing a provider's offers and signing up for what you can use thereby gaining points. The more points you earn the more likely you are of obtaining more free TLD domains.

There are quite a few services that offer domain names and offer free names and registrations. You will also find some that give the ability to re-direct your existing domain name to their service. Some will enable an organization to get top-level domains for free. Some of these providers included in the list below:


This domain name provider has a lot of great features for the website owner. They offer no-cost redirection that are more commonly known as Domain Forwarding services. They also provide URL masking, URL cloaking, and the ability to use Path Forwarding and some other services. One of the many other cool features of this host is their offer help with Meta Tags, and Favicon. The only requirement for the free services is a link back directed at their main site. That is a small price to pay for all of the free options.


The dot.tk is a leading online free domain name service provider. In fact, it is one of the best free top level domain service provider offering free .tk domains. However, this free domain name expires immediately after 90 days in case the site had less than 25 visitors within this period. One of the major drawbacks of this site is that it has an invisible structure that comes with a popup advertisement.


It is another popular free domain name service provider offering uni.cc domains. One of the best things about this site is that they provide several free Domain Name Services such as free site builder tools as well as TLD domains. This site also features Domain Name Redirection service. However, currently the Uni.cc site is not proving any web hosting, mail hosting and FTP services.


GeoCities is a Yahoo company that offers free sub domains with advertising on the websites, and they also offer cheap web hosting solutions where you can obtain top-level domain names for free and no ad websites. Both of the fantastic offers from Yahoo come with a great many features including multiple email capability, excellent site builders, and large space even on the free sites. They are bolstered by the public's perception of stability because of their branding.

Google Page Creator

Google's page creator is a wonderful new availability for a fast, free website. It is still in development but offers a great many tools for site creation and is very easy to use. There are some severe limitations to the free service and still some kinks to work out but it is effective. Remember that services like this and Yahoo's above free sites do not give unique domain names for free, but sub-domain names. This is less impressive for business and commercial sites.


This service, like Google and yahoo's free sites offers sub domain names for free. Your name would appear before or after these types of names such as yourname.fadlan.com. Fadlan.com also offers free redirection and forwarding. These types of sub domain names are great for non-profit organizations, or personal web pages, and fan sites.


Afraid.org offers the options of several domain names available to choose a suitable sub domain. After signing up at Afraid.org, they provide ample services including a tool to update the IP redirection. The limitation is 50 sub domains for a single user account. This free domain name service can be used for Domain Hosting, free DNS Hosting, Dynamic/ Static DNS Hosting etc.


C-o.in is another effective free provider of domain names. They also include free URL redirection and sub domain forwarding as a free service and they offer the services in 4 available formats for ease of use.
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