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Jul 29, 2008
Show up on Google and take your website to the next level. It's not as hard as it sounds and does not take a long time. Why is it important you ask? Google is by far the most relevant search engine, as it is estimated that 70+% of US searches are made there. More people use Google to do their searching than any other search engine. Period. The millions of searches made there translate into super targeted traffic for your website.

Google offers an addurl page (just Google "addurl") on which you add your web address and wait for Google to come see your site and add it to their index. The problem with this method is that Google gets thousands of requests from site owners like yourselves each and every day day. It will take Google a very long time to get to your submission request and there is no guarantee that your submission request will be successful.

Another way to show up on Google is to have Google find your site. You can try writing Articles. Google (and the other search engines as well) loves providing unique, relevant content to their customers. By writing an article related to your site content and submitting it to one of many article directories which will allow you to link back to your web site in the resource box at the bottom of the article, you can get listed in Google when they spider the new article at the directory and follow the link back to your site.

The third and best method to have your site show up on Google is to have a website that is already listed on Google link to your website. The higher the page rank of the site linking to your site, the better. Google's spiders visit higher page ranking sites more often, so your wait to be indexed will be shorter if the page rank of the site linking to you is higher. For the ranking of your site, it also helps if the content of the site is in some way related to the content of your site. The more related the content of the 2 sites is, the more relevant Google will find your site and you will have higher search results rankings.

These three methods all work in getting listed in Google, but remember to check with Google's terms of service to make sure your sit fits their guidelines. If your site does not fit their guidelines, it will be very difficult if not impossible to get indexed.

The best thing about Google traffic is that people finding your site will be looking for whatever it is you have to offer, resulting in much higher sales success than any other traffic could possibly offer. Put your site in a position to be found by Google spiders and your will site shall be found. Optimize your site for the right keywords, provide unique content and update it regularly, and Google will love your site. From that point on, it will be a lot of quality, targeted traffic.
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About the author: Al Soto is an extremely knowledgeable SEO Expert. He provides more infomation about getting in Google at Show Up In Google Search Results and Get Listed In Google.
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