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Using Wholesalers to Sell Video Games Online

Jul 29, 2008
Those who are interested in video games and online business finally have a way to combine both of their passions. Selling video games online is becoming a popular method of generating revenue, and for some people, it has become their sole source of income. The video game industry is consistently growing, and there is always room for new entrants. Consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet to buy video games, as it is much easier to find low prices online than it is in a retail store.

To compete successfully in the video game industry, it is necessary that you find a reliable, affordable wholesaler to provide you with products. Finding a wholesaler can be more difficult than it first seems. Simply utilizing a search engine and trying to locate video game wholesalers yields few relevant results, and the options that do come up are often not available to the average small business entrepreneur.

When you finally do come upon a wholesaler, they may not respond to your inquiries. In fact, many websites who claim to be wholesalers are actually retailers or resellers themselves, and have climbed their way up the rankings through illegitimate means. Despite all of these seemingly impenetrable inhibitors, there are ways to unveil the cream of the crop of video game wholesalers.

One of the most effective, although somewhat time consuming, ways of gaining contacts is by asking for references. Ask around in a local gaming community for tips, or join a forum and research possible opportunities. By going to a website that is focused on the video game industry, and participating in the community, you will eventually find a perfect connection.

Another effective way to bypass search engines is by going directly to a wholesaler review website. Not only do review websites provide a fantastic list of wholesalers, but you can also read previous experiences buyers have had with specific companies, so you can easily find which businesses are the highest quality and most reliable.

Make sure to invest a fair amount of time in unearthing the best choice, as the wholesaler that you choose ultimately affects the success of your own business. Read as many customer reviews as you can, as the more knowledge you have about particular wholesalers, the more informed your decision will be. You cannot spend enough time doing research; you do not want to decide on a wholesaler prematurely, and then find out later that you made a poor decision.

While the profit ratios are higher if you choose to stock products yourself, you can still make a fair living by employing drop shipping. With this technique, you sell the item, and then the wholesale company ships the product to the customer for you. You do not even have to handle the product at all; the only things you need to worry about are sales and marketing. The only problem is that when it comes to online selling, price is a more important factor than with offline sales, and if you cannot compete price wise, it is much more difficult to sell, especially when people can find lower prices easily.

Once you have found a reliable wholesale company, you need to choose a selling method. The form most used by sellers today is an auction site, usually eBay. With an auction website, you can set up a store for a low monthly fee and stock as many products as you want. After a few months, when you have established yourself as a brand, your sales will skyrocket and you can expand to your own, personalized domain.
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