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Overcoming Procrastinating With a Little Help From Your Goals

Jul 29, 2008
Is it in the human nature to procrastinate and put tasks off until later? Yes. As a matter of fact, it is. Humans have virtually perfected the art of procrastination and now the population needs more help than ever with this problem. What else could be the reason for having a library full of stop procrastination e-books and books, tapes and videos all over? With all of the books and ebooks coming out on a monthly basis you can easily fill up a whole persons shelf with just those.

If you want to end procrastination fast and easily there's a lot of good ways to do that. First of all you usually need a good reason why, and this can be fear of loss or having a potential goal. If you have a goal to move towards and the rewards are great it becomes a great process and it's an easy way to end it quickly.

And does a person set about creating or defining a well defined goal? This can be accomplished once they are clear about the whole process. By simply knowing what you are doing you'll immediately increase the chances of having strong feelings of commitment which is what you need in order to motivate yourself and keep up with the goal.

Figuring out what a person really wants often begins with figuring out what they do not want. Just listen to what the answer to the question "What do you want?" usually is. Most people can only answer this question in the negative, ie what are the things that they do not want. That is why the answers to the "What I want" question can usually be derived by flipping the answers around when the negatives surface.

There are also software that allows you to ask a question to it and it gives you back answers which shows you basically what you want in life and it's aimed at getting these questions answered.

Among the various other tools and techniques for time management and especially for stopping procrastination, goal setting is an important part of the whole. You need to have a great education on how to set goals effectively and should be the most important part of your self-education.
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