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Are Your Signs Catchy Enough?

May 10, 2014
It takes a bit of effort to design a sign that will turn heads and attract people to your business properly. If you want to truly be successful in making your name known on the market though, this is the only way. You'll have to pay attention to all the small details, and ensure that you understand what your potential customers (and current ones as well) would be looking for when they glance over your signs.

There's a huge difference in visual quality between low-grade and high-grade signs, despite what some people think. It's not just about the graphical design itself, the sign has to also be implemented properly with good materials and an adequate technique. This is where many companies get it wrong, as while they can offer you a good selection of graphics to display on your sign (and can create new ones from scratch for you rather easily), they may fail in producing a sign of actual quality.

The difference can be seen in things like the colors, materials, the definition of various shapes, and so on. If you've been comparing signs for a while, you'll likely have developed some skill for spotting these subtle differences, and know how to tell a good sign from an improperly produced one.

A common misconception that some people seem to have is that a good sign always has to be expensive. This isn't exactly the case, and in fact, some sign companies will be able to give you great deals on certain types of solutions, such as vinyl-based signs which can be very cost-effective for some graphical styles. It's always worth getting a quote from several companies if you have a suspicion that your project can be implemented for a smaller sum than you're commonly getting.

How quickly your sign will be made is something you'll need to consider as well, especially if you're getting it for a time-sensitive campaign. It's not much good for you if you get the sign a few days before the end of a month-long advertising campaign, and it'll just be a waste of money then. Therefore, if you haven't worked with the company before, make sure that the order specifies some hard time constraints, and ensure that they'll be able to stick to them. If they show any signs of delays that cannot be explained adequately, then you should back out of that deal as soon as possible.

You can represent your business in an amazing way if you use professionally-made signs with high quality graphics; all it takes is to make that first step in finding the right company, and the rest comes down to having a good taste for graphics. The only tip we can give you at this point is: don't get too carried away! You may suddenly start getting various ideas about new signs and banners that you could put up, and while it's good to keep things fresh, you should also avoid making your brand name too saturated with different logos and designs which might confuse people in the end.
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