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Website Traffic Basics - Doing it the Right Way

Jul 29, 2008
There are many things that you can do to increase your website traffic. Traffic is the basis of everything on the internet because if no one visits your website or blog, what's the point of creating it? Your affiliate program will bring in little to no money if you do not have enough visitors.

Write Articles

By uploading new articles to your affiliate website, you are creating fresh content. This means that search engine spiders will visit and see that you have original content that is not duplication from another website. Besides bringing in new visitors, writing articles helps you to have repeat traffic. People will keep coming back to your website if they like the information that you post regularly.

Article Directories and Ezines

When you have written some articles, you can rewrite them so that they are different from the ones on your website or you could pay to have someone write new articles that you can submit to ezines and articles directories. The reason for posting to these places is that you are allowed to place your information and website link. When people read your articles, many will click to your webpage because generally the article is something to similar to what the affiliate site category is. This is another way to have one way links to your affiliate pages.

Post In Forums

If you participate in forums, you can check the rules to see what they say about signatures. A signature is the space below the messages typed in forums posts. Many users will have a logo or picture and others will place a link to an affiliate, website or their personal blogs. Due to the fact that many have spammed forums with affiliate links, a lot of them have rules against placing those links in your signature.

That is why having a webpage for you affiliates is a great idea. If you have a website with articles and content, you will likely be allowed to place the link. Allows check the rules because you will be banned in most cases if you break them.

Pay for Advertisement

You can receive traffic by paying for it in a few different ways. Just be certain that you understand that paying for traffic is no guarantee that you will actually receive it. Using a Pay Per Click (PPC) program for instance can end up costing you a lot of money in a short amount of time. Every time someone clicks on your link, you will have to pay. Malicious webmasters began to click on their competitors links repeatedly to drive up their cost of business.

Another problem is that if you bypass the PPC and instead go with a company that sells traffic by the hundreds or thousands, you have no idea where this traffic is coming from or if it's even real. You can waste a lot of money if the traffic is being made by a bot or if the company is sending you traffic from Iceland when the product is only available to Europe or the United States.

Some people also pay for traffic by paying popular websites to allow them to place a banner or link back to their site. Your ad is usually left in place for a prepaid amount of time like a week or a month. This can be a great idea because you're not limited to pay by the amount of visitors.

Create A Newsletter

You can increase your website traffic and get new or repeat visitors by offering a newsletter. Unlike your website, a newsletter is sent to visitors at your site who decided to signup to receive it via email. You can then pay to have someone write interesting articles, you can keep your visitors up to date with your affiliate sales, and interesting news or you can send articles from free article directories because you won't be penalized by the search engines.

Submit To Search Engines

Even though search engines spiders come to new sites to crawl it and add it to the site, this does not always happen. You should add your website to the major search engines yourself, after it has been created and has a bit of information. You don't want to go around submitting a website that has one page with the words under construction.

Don't fall for the search engine submission tricks. If you do a search, you will find that many websites are claiming that they will submit your page to hundreds, sometimes thousands of search engines. The truth is that there are a few major search engines, and the others tend to get their information from those larger ones. Submitting your website a thousand times is absolutely unnecessary.

Exchange Links

Another great way to get traffic is to exchange links with websites that are similar in category to your own. This can sometimes feel like you are sharing with the enemy, your competitors, but your visitors will find your competitors the same way you did, if they really wanted to. By exchanging links and even getting one way links, will also help to boost your website in the search engine rankings.
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