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Strategic Management is Proactive

Jul 29, 2008
What is one of the biggest differences between a good business and a successful business? Two business could have all the same resources, sell the same quality product to the same market and yet one will become successful and the other will make enough to keep operations going. What is the difference between the two organizations?

When it comes to strategically managing their organization one will be proactive in the planning and implementing and the other will be reactive. Being proactive doesn't mean you have to know what is going to happen in the future. It means that you are anticipating change and then when the opportunity comes to change you are ready to take advantage of it.

For instance if you are running a business the way you are running it because it is how it has worked in the past then you are reacting to events that have already occurred. Instead if you are doing things for your business because that is what you honestly see will lead to success in the future then you are proactively making business decisions. Strategic management is not dwelling on the past; instead it is looking to the future.

When strategically managing your business one of the first realizations you have to arrive at is that no two businesses are the same. It is one thing to get inspiration from the successful businesses around you but to attempt to model your business completely after another is your first step to failure. You have to assess your strengths and your weaknesses, both within your business and within yourself.

So what is the written out process for successfully strategically managing your business? You can find one on the internet pretty easily but before you even go looking for one there is one more point about strategic management you have to understand. Strategic management is more than a process, it is a frame of mind. If you only look at it as a written out list of things to check off you will never know the full potential of strategic management.

Strategic Management can and will affect your business if you learn to implement it and how to approach it. There are many sources to find out more on strategically managing your business, everything from articles to seminars to trainers. Take advantage of at least a couple of those resources and you may find it made the difference your business being and being successful.
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