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Getting Started With Google Adwords

Jul 29, 2008
For marketers looking to open the traffic flood gates immediately, you may want to consider Google Adwords. Adwords is Google's really cool moniker for pay-per-click marketing.

If you are not familiar with pay-per-click here is a very simple explanation:

There are two very important elements of a search engines page

1. The organic search (the left side of the page)
2. The sponsored links (the right side of the page)

To achieve organic search placement is another topic that will be addressed in an article about the importance of SEO.

The topic of discussion here is pay-per-click so let's stick to it. Pay-per-click marketing was created with the aggressive marketer in mind. The ability to advertise on the first page of any of the top search engines is very important. Pay-per-click was designed to give internet marketers the ability to pay for their placement in the search engines by using a pricing structure very similar to auctioning.

How it works
Whatever products or services an individual or company offers, there are certain relevant keywords that describe them. Pay-per-click allows you to bid on these keywords. Now, here's the tricky part, bid prices can be very unpredictable due to constant fluctuations that are determined by the search engine companies-Google, Yahoo, Msn, etc..

Here are a few tips to effectively get started with pay-per-click:

1. Set a budget- there is a learning curve when getting started with pay-per-click. If you don't set a budget, you will break yourself and your efforts will go to waste.

2. Do your research- you must find relevant keywords that define your product. Example; if you are a home based business owner then "make money online" and "home based business" would be great keywords.

3. Create 20 ads- open up your Notepad program on your computer. Begin creating ads around your keywords. If you need help with this step, try doing a Google search for relevant programs or information pertaining to improve ad writing. There are tons of them.

After you've taken the above three steps you will be ready to begin creating your campaigns. Good luck!

It doesn't matter if you're using Google, Yahoo, or Msn. All the above methods still apply. However, bid pricing may be different. Example, the cost per click for a particular keyword may differ from one another.

Now, keep in mind these are the basics, pay-per-click marketing can be very complex and it takes time to perfect. So bid wisely.
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