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A Smooth Email Subscription Process Gets The Best Results

Jul 29, 2008
When you ask someone to subscribe to receive emails from you, you are asking them to add another regular contribution to an already overwhelmed inbox. These days, to inspire someone to commit to receiving emails from you, you need to offer something significant. It is important to make it easy to sign up and communicate in an easy to understand manner. Your website needs to be easy to navigate and your opt-in mail form should be easy to fill out and submit. The most successful online businesses in electronic communication such as Google Adwords and Turbo Tax make communication with readers as smooth as possible.

You've no doubt heard the saying that "It's easier said than done." Well, if you try to make it easier for each new website visitor to subscribe, you'll soon find out how true that is. After all, everyone is unique and different people find some things easy and other things difficult. So, it can be difficult to make things easy for everyone.

It is important to make it easy to contact you as well as to fill in and submit the opt-in form. By including a link to your company's email address on every page of your website as well as in every promotional email, you make it easy for people to communicate. It is also a good idea to include a "send to a friend" link so that you can take advantage of viral marketing. Graphics can sometimes take a long time to load due to slow internet connections so make sure every button has a written description such as "Buy Now," "Subscribe," "Submit," etc.

You can make the subscription process quicker and easier by designing your pages well with links, email IDs, contact and opt-in forms, and other information in easy to see fonts, colors and positions. Make sure every email you send has a subscribe link to encourage readers to opt-in because it is so easy and convenient to do so. Everything you require your reader to do should require as little effort as possible. In fact, in a reliable survey, it was found that when the subscription process was simplified from nine steps to only three there was a three hundred percent increase in the subscription rate.

The key to successful opt-in forms is to ask enough personal information to be able to send the most appropriate information to a subscriber while not asking for so much information that people are turned off responding. Mark the mandatory fields on your form with an asterisk with other fields clearly labeled as "optional."

Allow someone filling the form out to make changes to their information by including a "reset" or "update" button. The registration process should also make it easy to set a password and include a link to retrieve or change the password. These links should be visible and easy to follow on the relevant website and e-newsletter pages.

When you send emails ensure that your subject line grabs attention and clearly identifies you. So that your emails can be read by most recipients use text as well as html and also include a link to the web version of your information. Printer friendly versions of your emails are best or alternatively ensure that a print friendly version can be opened via a link.

After going to so much trouble to make sure that you have created a user friendly subscription and contact process, many people make the mistake of not testing their links. When readers click on a link it is very important to your reputation that the link works. It is as important to be customer friendly in an online environment as it is face to face. This means companies do well to anticipate and respond to their readers' needs and expectations. It is a mistake not to include an "unsubscribe" link in the emails you send because you will lose the trust of your recipients. In fact, you should make it as easy to opt out of your subscription list as it is to opt in.
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