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Why A Well Designed Business Card Is Essential

Jul 29, 2008
Every business needs an effective marketing strategy and most business owners would admit this. However, they may not question whether or not their own strategy is, indeed, an effective one. Stop for a moment and just consider what would happen if your business had no decent advertising. The answer is quite simple, most businesses would fail very quickly without an effective marketing strategy.

The Importance of a Business Card

You may not consider a business card as a marketing tool, but it can be a very effective and versatile one. Your business card offers an introduction to your company to prospective clients while at the same time enhancing you as a professional. If you don't already have a business card, you definitely need one.

Branding With Business Cards

A business marketing plan will usually incorporate a range of strategies including direct selling and branding. Direct selling focuses on increasing market share and profitability by selling your products and services. Branding is a way of differentiating your business from your competitors.

Most business are not selling a unique product, so in order to gain a competitive edge you need to have a unique selling point. In other words, you have to offer your customers something different that they want. Perhaps you can focus on exceptional customer service, offer a rewards program for customer loyalty, or provide an in-house extended warranty that beats your competitors hands down. By taking the time to build a strong brand, you will reap significant returns in the long run. A well designed business card which emphasizes your unique selling point can help you build your brand.

Be Creative and Humorous

Who are you and what is your business really about? Are you reliable and ethical and are your employees helpful? You may not think it's possible, but a well designed business card can actually convey all this information at a glance.

Whether you are planning to start a new business or are already running an established one, it is important to give the best possible impression of yourself and your organization. A business card that can impress a broad audience can be a great asset. Not only do you want to convey the impression that you are a quality person running a quality organization, you also want people to see you as a friendly and approachable person with a sense of humor. This is the kind of person most people feel they can relate to and you are likely to attract positive comments and word of mouth recommendations.

The Look and Feel of Your Business Card

The message you want your business card to convey needs to match the texture and material you have chosen to make your card from. The more unique the material you choose for your business card, the more you will differentiate your business. There are more business card options available today than ever before. Some people create their business cards from plastic, material and even polished metals. Even if you can't afford some of the more expensive options, you can still make paper cards unique by engraving or indenting original designs onto them. For example, dentist may have an image of a set of teeth indented onto business card paper. This is far more effective than simply printing an image and is likely to get a lot of attention, which is the whole point.

There is no doubt that business cards are essential marketing tools for business success. A well designed business card can create a powerful and positive impression for both yourself and your business. The more effectively designed the business card, the higher your return on investment will be.
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