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Tips on Making a Sound Effects Library

Jul 29, 2008
As the use and creation of video has exploded over the past several years, so has the demand for sound effects. Therefore, many folks who have recordings or sound design experience may want to put together sound effects libraries of their material which can be licensed for money. Below you will find a broad outline of the process for creating a profitable sound effects library.

1. Using a mobile hand-held digital recorder, record a huge variety of 48k sample rate single hits and ambiances of all possible types.

2. Using a digital audio workstation (DAW) edit, eq, filter, and normalize these recordings to amp up the volume and take out nasty noises and frequencies.

3. Bounce down these edited distinct sound effects into single .wav products as stereo files at a 48k 24bit sample rate if possible.

4. Assign each bounced file a SKU number containing 3 letters and 5 digits such as AAJ00001 Bird Chirp 1, AAJ00002 Rain1 and so on.

5. After creating the files build an excel sheet which lists categories, sub-categories, filenames, SKU numbers, keywords, descriptions, pricing, and time length.

6. Think about creating multiple formats of the .wav files such as .aiffs for Mac users and .mp3s for use online, though ensure that all .mp3s are 44.1k.

Shoot for creating a few thousand sound effects if you want to actually generate enough money to pay some sizable monthly bills. Find as many online outlets as possible through which to license your sounds. With a bit of determination, one can find a dozen or so online distributors willing to host and license your library.
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