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Cash Gifting - Marketing To Millions

Jul 29, 2008
If you've been doing your research about cash gifting, undoubtedly you've witnessed the recent explosive growth of cash gifting videos, cash gifting articles, and cash gifting advertisements on the major Classified Ad websites (Craigslist.org, Backpage.com, Kijiji.com, SalesSpider.com, AdlandPro.com and USFreeAds.com).

You may be tempted to think that the cash gifting market is over-saturated. Is it? Let's have a look.

From any number of sources across the Internet, you will come across a figure of 30 million people online who are interested in starting a home business. It's one of those figures that's out there, floating about, where it's hard to pinpoint the original source.

We want to ask ourselves, of course, how accurate is that figure?
What if it's way off-- say by 50%? That would leave us with 15 million prospects interested in finding financial freedom through a home business,

But let's be a little bit more skeptical. What if the figure is off again-- by another 50%? That would leave us with 7 1/2 million online prospects. Want to get tough again? We'd have 3 1/4 million prospects remaining.

Even with close to a 80%-plus margin of error on the estimated 30 million potential home business entrepreneurs, there's no shortage of prospects to match with a cash gifting activity. But, if you're still not convinced, there's other ways of evaluating the marketplace.

Consider MLM, multi-level marketing, which has been around for as long as anyone can remember. When seeking online opportunities, people are inevitably attracted to multi-level marketing.

Let's face it-- the ever-expanding pyramid structure of MLM makes for a nice visual presentation. Unfortunately, every MLM program carries with it approximately a 90% failure rate. Worse, most people who fail at multi-level marketing hop from one MLM opportunity to another, reluctant to give up their dream of financial independence.

Except for the lucky successful few at the top, an MLM participant experiences various levels of frustration: failure to recruit for his/her downline, unpredictable drop-offs from the ranks of those they have worked hard to recruit, bleeding pockets from having to purchase bogus products on a monthly basis,..

If you're guessing that every MLM participant is open to new and better opportunities, you're on the right track. Every MLM participant is a likely prospect for a cash gifting activity.

Still think the cash gifting marketplace is over-saturated? Think again.

Cash gifting's recent phenomenal growth is only a sign of better things to come. The best cash gifting programs available offer a linear 1up cash distribution structure that far surpasses the complex matrices and paltry commissions of multi-level marketing.

Other opportunities that plague people trying to better themselves offer no solutions.

Additionally, cash gifting programs dispense with the burden of purchasing bogus products on a continuing, never-ending basis.

People want to participate in home opportunities that actually work when properly marketed. Expect growth in the cash gifting marketplace, and and ever-widening base of prospects eager to learn about the many benefits of enrolling in a cash gifting activity-- specially yours!
About the Author
Joseph Love is a successful cash gifting mentor specializing in one-on-one phone mentoring. He can be reached at CashMeToo.com
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