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Boost Your Article Marketing - Simple Steps

Jul 29, 2008
If you are just like any webmasters who are aiming at driving huge, quality traffic to your website, you must learn how to attract your target market by giving them what they truly need - valuable and useful information. This can easily be done by writing and distributing your articles on various directories and leading article submission sites.

Make your articles search engine-friendly. There is no denying it; search engines are still the best sources of traffic these days as 95% of online users are using them whenever they search for information online. That is why, you need to know how to please them so they will properly index your articles and make them easy to find online. This can be done by identifying the most searched keywords within your target niche with the use of a keyword suggestion tool. Use these search terms on your titles and article body and know how to strategically position them on your articles so you can assist search spiders in analyzing your content.

Define your audience. Get to know the people to whom you are writing your articles for to make it a lot easier for you to determine their needs and demands.

Carefully choose your topics. Not all types of articles can help you drive quality traffic to your website. If you want interested people (meaning online users who are most likely to consider doing business with you) to give you a visit, stick with topics that are closely related to your products and services, chosen niche, and line of business.

Abide by the rules set by publishing sites. This is to save your articles from being rejected and avoid wasting your time on editing them. Publishers will only accept your articles if they are free from inappropriate content, hyperlinks, and blatant ads.

Your resource box must not contain more than three hyperlinks and you must ensure that all your links are working properly.

Choose your topics wisely. To drive quality traffic to your website and to ultimately use this method to grow your ebusiness, write about topics that will attract those people who are most likely to buy from you. These topics should revolve around your products and services and the pressing needs of your potential clients.

Keep your articles short. You surely don't want to bore your readers as you would want them to read your articles until they reach your resource box. So, avoid offering them lengthy articles and make your copies short, concise, and brief as much as possible. You can do this by discussing highly specific topics and by not using fillers throughout your content.
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