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Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial - Stop Trading Your Time For Money?

Jul 29, 2008
For several years now I have been searching for a way to make money from the internet. And the dream of a residual income every month has been the beacon on the horizon. It still is but now I'm so much closer. My first sales being history etc. etc. Now I know that it can be done.

Chances are you already are familiar with residual income but I just must take the chance to talk about this wonderful concept. A residual income is a type of income that just ticks and ticks and ticks away every month on and on and on. You do your work once and then let go. Wonderful, isn't it?

In our modern society or should I say the industrial society (this is changing now) we are used to trade our time for money. Yes! This is the big misconception I think. People in common just don't realize that this is the case and that this treadmill can be stopped and eliminated.

That is exactly what residual income is. A way for you to get out of the rat-race and start trading your mind/ideas for money instead. Think about it. It's done all the time by the big corporations and other successful people. They realize this and they leverage their knowledge and generate money as a result.

Sounds too good to be true but it's not..it's here now and totally reachable for everyone through the advent of the internet. It existed before but was a little harder to accomplish.

Can you imagine being at sleep and earning money? Yes! Being at sleep and earning money! Every time I think about that sentence I get this warm and fuzzy feeling inside. To be able to wake up in the morning and check the statistics and find that 10 sales has been made during the night. All when you were dreaming your most wonderful dreams.

To drive a residual income you will need a recurring membership-based product to sell. One that you sell once and then keeps on giving you monthly recurring income without you having to do anything at all. You just keep selling new memberships, that's it.

Maybe you are having second thoughts about this selling thing but let me put that in another perspective for you. Think about it this way. Just by being YOU and by talking/writing happily about something (the product), you WILL ultimately SELL that product. And you will not feel like you are forcing anything upon a person. You can talk/write about the product on your own webpages and you don't have to have personal contact with the customers unless you want to.

And just how do you talk/write about a product like this? Check below for more info!
About the Author
To earn residual income you learn a trade and the way to do that is to get quality information. Wealthy Affiliate University contains all information you will need.


Tomas Coox

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