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Article Directory Scripts, A Secret Goldmine?

Aug 17, 2007
It was about six months later when a friend of mine showed me a new article directory script that he had just purchased and installed. Initially I was hesitant as I was convinced that many outgoing links are bad. I soon realized that if you have loads of fresh content, the outgoing links do not matter.

So I began my search for a good article directory script. After doing hundreds of google searches and doing hours of research I was not sure which one to choose. I then decided to just go with the script he had purchased. I purchased the script for about one hundred and seventy five dollars and made that back in about 2 months. Six months later I am making almost one hundred dollars a day from google adsense from the article directory alone.

So why are article directory scripts so profitable? If you know much about internet marketing at all then you know the popular phrase, content is king. Article Directories provide loads of it and it is fresh content. Content is the number one thing that major search engines look for. Once the articles are picked up by the search engines, they are available to come up on searches.

Articles are created on every thinkable subject from Nike shoes to how to build a house. This means, if you have an article on grooming a cat for example, the article from your directory may pop up for that search. When the article comes up there are your google ads right in front of that persons face. You are no longer limited to one keyword site wide. You now have thousands of different keywords for people to find your site.

The real beauty is that you can maintain an article directory script very easily. The only think I do is log into the back panel of my site every day and spend about 10 minutes approving or denying new articles, thats it. The html and everything else is done by the script.

Here is exactly what I did to start my article directory.

1. First I registered my domain.
2. I purchased the script and the company I purchased it from installed it onto my host for free.
3. I signed up to receive free articles everyday from articlemarketer.com for fresh content every single day for the rest of my life.
4. I sat back and watched my adsense account grow.

Follow these steps and you will be making good money on a daily basis with your very own article directory script.
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