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5 Top of the Agenda Items to Note When Starting an Online Business

Jul 29, 2008
If you are serious about building an online business you need to understand there is a lot of "stuff" you need to know and learn and at the same time there are a million distractions every day trying to divert your attention.

I thought I would record 5 of my top tips now, while I can still relate to all those frustrations everyone experiences when they begin life on the Internet.

1. You are going to need to learn how to build a basic website. Yes you can outsource everything, but if you are serious about learning Internet Marketing and building multiple streams of income NOT taking the time and effort to learn it is like moving to a foreign country where everyone else speaks a different language.

2. Get familiar with the terminology Internet Marketers use every day. When you are first starting out there will be a lot of very unfamiliar terms, such as Domain Names, Hosting, FTP, Servers, ASP, PHP and many more. Remember you are smack bang in the middle of the technical "guys and gals" who talk websites, software and web talk and the consumer who doesn't know about these terms, nor do they need to know. I always think I am the absolute WORST dinner guest when my head is full of learning "new computer talk" as it is SO unfamiliar when you start out it is likely to dominate most thoughts you have.

3. Learn that you are going to make mistakes, and that every hurdle in front of you can be jumped over once you have found the right way to do it. I have not found one story of an online marketer that starts with "One day I decided to start my online business, I found it really easy at first and within a month I had made my first million."

There are many, many more stories that read something like this, " I struggled to make ends meet at first, I mean I even sold my car just to pay the bills, I bought every product, read every Ebook I could get my hands and still nothing seemed to be going right. Then suddenly after my first couple of years I got my first real break and now I earn in one month what I used to earn in a year."

4. Do NOT give up the day job! The number one problem with life online is that the learning curve is SO steep at first that you will not, unless you are extremely lucky earn enough money to pay your bills for at least 6-12 months. In fact if you have had no previous BUSINESS experience it may take you much longer than that. Yes there are exceptions to the rule, but that is all they are exceptions.

5. Accept right up front that at first you need to make lots of mistakes and that everything you do wrong is not because you are failing, it is because you are testing and measuring, then testing and measuring some more. You will NEVER get anywhere online if you give up at the first hurdle, or if you keep flitting like a butterfly from Amazing Get Rich Scheme to Amazing Get Rich Scheme. Take your time, allow at least 6 months to learn the very basics, build a solid foundation from which to grow, then create MASSIVE ACTION and results will follow.
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