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See the Consequences Instead of Suffering Them

Jul 29, 2008
Experience is a valuable asset in the business world. It can build analytical, management, and communication skills and help individuals understand the relationship between their actions and the resulting consequences. With enough experience, it can even help them predict those consequences.

Unfortunately, the process of gaining experience can be a costly endeavor. In addition to the time it takes, acquiring experience usually involves a fair amount of trial and error. In the learning process, most people make one or more poor choices and the negative consequences of a bad decision can wreak substantial social and economic damage on individuals and companies.

In the past, these negative consequences have been accepted as inevitable events that help learners remember their mistakes and acquire valuable experience. Today, a business simulation can teach the same valuable lessons without creating the negative consequences that often evolve in real-world situations though.

There are things that make business simulations valuable. For example, in addition to bypassing negative consequences, a business simulation eliminates some of the fear causes by those pending consequences. As a result, learners tend to be bolder in which strategies what they will try. This makes it easier for them to experiment and be innovative. It also makes some lessons clearer since the consequences are often compounded by their bolder actions.

The stress-free, game-like environment of a business situation can also facilitate greater enthusiasm for the task than a serious and stressful office atmosphere. As they learn to love business experiences in a simulation situation, employees can then transfer that energy to the goals you are working on within a company.

In order to glean realistic lessons from a business simulation, the simulation itself has to be well-constructed. The closer it mirrors reality, the more useful it will be as a learning tool. Consequently, if you hire an outside company to train your employees in a business simulation, make sure they can tailor the program to match your unique business needs.

Some business simulations can have more than 10,000 variables. If you aren't up to the task of creating those variables and predicting the effect of employee actions on each one, you can save a lot of time by simply hiring someone else to create those simulations for you.

As a reflection of the real world, business simulations can definitely be very educational. To cultivate experience within your employees, you should take advantage of this useful tool.
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Executive Perspectives (http://epsims.com/) is one company that can create any business simulation that you need. Their programs can help your employees gain experience and develop all kinds of management, communication and business planning skills. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.
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