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Are You Using Alliances To Build Your Therapy And Health Business?

Jul 29, 2008
Isn't it amazing that it's July already? The year is just flying by. Which means that it's time to take stock and make sure things are heading where you want them to be.

Something pretty big to check is whether you've organised yourself any other businesses in your local area that you work with to send each other clients? They are called alliances or host beneficiaries and can be amaaaaaazing!

Basically alliances are other businesses that serve your ideal clientele but whose businesses aren't competitive. So if you have a hair salon, you might want to work with a shoe store but you wouldn't want to team up with a barber. Or if you offer specialist waxing, you might want to team up with the lovely restaurant on the corner but probably not the local laser hair removal clinic.

If you can find a business that can refer to you just ONE new client a week, it could make a WORLD of difference to your revenue (and to theirs if you also refer one client a week back to them!)

Let's do the maths... If on average your clients come in once every 4 weeks and on average they spend $50 on each visit... that means that over a period of a year, your clients are each likely to spend $600 with you.

And if your alliance business sends you just ONE new client like that every week, then you will add $31,200 to your revenue (52 weeks in the year x $600 average yearly value of each new client).

Let's do another example... lets say you do more intensive therapy and you see your clients once a week for about 12 weeks, then they are cured. Well, if that's the case and your clients are spending lets say $70 on each visit with you, then the lifetime value of each client is $840.

And if with this scenario you had 2 alliance businesses each sending you 2 new clients a month, then you'd be getting 48 new clients a year at a total value of $40,320.

Isn't that crazy! Imagine if you even had 3 or 4 businesses that you worked with? You could be booked solid within a few months.

Sooo... take a look and see whether you are working with an alliance business in your local area yet. If yes, what can you do to help them refer clients to you (ie give them some introductory vouchers to give to their best clients as gifts). If no, make it your mission to scout the local area and then pop in and introduce yourself somewhere.
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