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Making Money Online: Yes,it can be Done

Jul 29, 2008
Many people that correspond with me ask me if it's "real", making money online. My answer is a resounding "yes!" In fact, the Internet has thrown wide the doors to more people to start up their own business practice and make excellent money--possibly even get rich--by working basically from any location, not having to worry about inventory, needing no commute, and having no dress code.

But the problem is, most people just dive right into attempts at making money online without doing their research first. This leads them down the wrong path and most of them end up quitting because they're getting next to nothing in profits. Some make no money at all and some lose money.

How can you lose money online? Well, one way is by trying out various affiliate marketing offers. Affiliate marketing offers abound on the Internet, especially through Clickbank and Google AdWords. This involves you marketing a product for someone else as a "affiliate". When a sale is made through your efforts you get paid a commission. If you go through Clickbank you build up your commission pool and then get paid twice every month via electronic payment such as PayPal. There is almost always some kind of one-time fee that you pay to get involved in the program. Although there is virtually always some kind of money-back guarantee with this if it doesn't work out for you, most people stay with their failing program long enough for the guarantee to expire.

Try enough of these programs for making money online without knowing what you're doing and you'll lose money.

Another way of losing money attempting to make it online is by purchasing e-books that promise to teach you the very secrets that you need to make money online with things like affiliate marketing. Most of these "secrets" sold in most of these books don't work. But why then do people buy them? Because, these e-books are always written by someone who does make money online, and a lot of it. But the thing of it is most of them don't want to share their real secrets of success with you--then you would be competition and possibly eat into their niche market!

So they sell you something stuffed with fluff. By the time you realize you've been taken, your money-back guarantee has expired.

So, what are the real secrets for making money online?

First of all, don't buy any of the above mentioned e-books unless you have very thoroughly researched them and found all kinds of supporting articles for them that vouchsafe their legitimacy. But even if you do find one that works, it's not magic. You'll need to know what you are doing for yourself first.

Opportunities for making money online include setting up an e-store on e-Bay or a similar site; getting involved in a legitimate affiliate marketing program; or becoming a serious blogger and content producer such as with a basked of Squidoo Lenses.

Making money online requires diligent but very low-cost marketing efforts including article writing and forum posting as well as constant online networking at social bookmark and networking websites. It also requires staying focused on a narrow niche market and great amounts of persistence. Your efforts must not only be smart, they must be constant. But the money's real!
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