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Tips on Earning Online Through Stocks

Jul 30, 2008
Online trading is another business opportunity that one can pursue from the comfort of one's home. It utilizes the best of both worlds - the virtual world to do your trading in and the real to assess the performance of your stock. To begin with what are stocks and shares? Companies generally sell small parts to people which the buyer owns. These small parts are referred to as shares of the company. A buyer when buys a number of shares of the company, he/she is said to own a stock in the company.

Such shares are bought and sold online these days - away from the stock exchange floor where traditionally shares are still bought and sold. However online trading always has a ceiling for the minimum and maximum amount that is allowed to be invested in a day's trading by a buyer.

The trick to online trading like conventional share market is the same - buy it at a lower price and sell it off when the stocks are higher so that you make a profit. However share trading is not as easy as it sounds - it requires meticulous research and understanding of the market to predict the share prices, when those would rise or fall and trade accordingly. If as a buyer or a seller you understand the functionalities of the market and can calculate with accuracy the probability of your stock's success, then you have crossed the main hurdle. Since we are taking the conventional share market to the internet portal, some of the logistics change.

Before you start online trading seriously, following are the points to keep in mind:

You will need to open an account with a bank from where you can transfer fund daily for your online trading. This is not possible through a conventional checking or savings account. Funds used for online trading has real-time interface with market rates and have special taxes levied on those.

Next you will need to build up a portfolio of companies online with whom you would like to do your trading. These companies will have direct interface with your bank and help you in trading.

Since it is online, always use proper firewall and security measures so that you are not at the receiving end of any internet fraud. The online world, as we all know, is not a secure place and there are regular reports of scams and frauds. You must ensure that your online trading environment is secure. Avoid doing online business from a public cyber café or using internet hot spots. These connections are generally not secure and fraudulent sources can duplicate your information and data.

As internet has revolutionized so many areas in our lives today, online trading is also a boon of the cyber world. It doesn't matter if you are housewife, a student or a retired person - you can earn a handsome amount every day if you trade smartly and wisely and all from the comfort of your home through online trading!
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