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List-Builders That Work: Squeeze Pages

Jul 30, 2008
Should you use a "squeeze page" on your website, or have these pages lost their effectiveness?

A "squeeze page" is one that forces your site visitors to give you their name and email address in exchange for some kind of bribe an audio training, a special report, or piece of software.

This technique still works like magic -- as long as you do it carefully, and offer a "bribe" that is truly appealing and valuable to your visitors.

Considerations you should take into account...

Growing your email list is the surest way to grow your business, sales and profits.

The problem we run into these days is simple: people are more reluctant than ever to give up their email address. The squeeze page is still the best way to build your list, but it requires more thought today than it did even a few months ago. Using a squeeze page carelessly can do your business more harm than good.

First, know that the most effective squeeze page is used on "salesletter site" - that is, one built to sell one product. Using a squeeze page as the "gatekeeper" of your salesletter sifts and sorts potential buyers by level of seriousness. It also gives you a list of prospects who are clearly interested in your offer (or at least in your subject).

One of the biggest mistakes I see being made online is putting a squeeze page in front of the wrong kinds of sites.

Sites that are intended to sell one targeted product or service, through direct response promotion, are good candidates for the squeeze page approach. Portals, branding sites, and blogs should not be protected by a squeeze page.

The squeeze page is a barrier.

It bars people from your website, and can possibly scare your customers away.

When you offer the right kind of bribe, however, you can get people to opt in through the squeeze page -- building a valuable, targeted email list.

The growing problems of spam, viruses and spyware have made people more reluctant than ever to give up their name and e-mail address.

The bottom line: squeeze pages work. I use them, and I think you should do. The key is to use them in the right situations.
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