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Guaranteeing advertising Results

Jul 30, 2008
With proper testing, education and and methodology you too can be guaranteed results from your advertising.

The first tangible Return from an Advertiser?s money, when invested in Space, Is an Inquiry about their product That Inquiry may be verbal to a Clerk over the counter, or-it may be by Mail, in a written,stamped, and posted letter.

In any case this is just an inquiry for the goods or service. This is real evidence your advertising is working and generating a return on investment.

Now it may take twice or three times as much Conviction in Copy to make a Consumer write an Inquiry for goods, and post it, as it would have taken to make that same Consumer inquire verbally for the goods advertised, when passing a store that should sell them.

When she talks to a retailer it there are 2 to 3 times as many chances of substitution. The salesperson may try to sell the customer a higher commission item or the one that is in stock. Whereas if the customer orders online or by phone there is less of a chance of substitution.

Therefore, the Advertisement which sends Consumers to Retailers, should be as full of Conviction as the successful Mail-Order Advertisement, in order to fortify that Consumer against substitution, ?Don?t-keep-it,? and ?Here?s-something-better.?

Because, if the Advertisement fails to thus fortify the Consumer with "Reason-Why" and conviction, it may simply send him to the Retail Store to be switched on to a competing line of goods with which the Retailer is heavily stocked, or which his Clerks favor the sale of in preference to ours. In that case the Advertising we pay for would sell goods for our non-advertising competitors. Half the money spent to "Keep-the-Name-before-the-People" results to-day in this substitution of non-advertised articles for the articles advertised through General Publicity or branding.

The ad must give them a better reason to buy our product or service than he is likely to get from the Salesperson for the competitions goods that Salesman will want to substitute. It must give him this reason in such undeniable form that he can comprehend without effort, so absolutely that he will believe our reasoning Claims. It must accomplish this in spite of his natural distrust of all Ads statements.

This is why not more than a fourth of those who, out of mere curiosity, buy the first package, through "General Publicity," ever buy the second or third consecutive package of the same article. Because they do not buy on Conviction In the Meantime, it usually takes about all the profit in the first purchase of any "Generally Advertised" article to pay the cost of introducing it to the Consumer's notice, through Advertising.

In contrast to general publicity "Reason-Why Advertising" or Salesmanship-on-Paper, ROI is predictable. Consumers need only be convinced 1 time, through "Reason why advertising" or "Salesmanship- on-paper," we thus convince him, and more than fortifying him against substitution.

With reason why advertising they begin using the article with an advance knowledge of, and belief in, its good points, his appreciation becomes permanent if the goods merit it. He therefore makes a second, third, and further consecutive purchases of the article as a result of having once read a single convincing "Reason-Why" advertisement about it.

He therefore makes a second, third, and further consecutive purchases of the article as a result of having once read a single convincing ?Reason-Why? advertisement about it. This is where large and cumulative profits must come to the General Advertiser-on the second, third and continued purchases by Readers of the first advertisement that reached their Convictions.

The difference in Results from Space in which this direct selling force of "Reason-Wh"? has been used, and in results from similar space filled with "General Publicity," is often more than 60 per cent. Conclusive tests on Copy have clearly proved this, and preceding article cites a vivid example of it from actual experience.
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