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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) - How to Know if Your's is a Good One?

Jul 30, 2008
People and money. It's an interesting combination. People are always after more money, but sometimes don't think through the process well on how to make more of it. Now that the internet is here, there are so many opportunities available; people are in information overload on what to believe. The promises of easy money abound everywhere and there is always someone who will believe the hype.

Let's take a look at Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing as many people call it today on the internet. There are many being promoted today, but how can you tell if one is good or not. How do you know if they are going to meet the promising that they make. There are some key things that you can look at when you evaluate a MLM to see if it's the one for you.

Stability - now long has it been in business? Many MLM's start up, but then fail within the first 2-3 years. You don't want in invest all of your time getting started and then have it shut down on you. You want to make sure that they are still going to be around and show consistent growth as you build your business to its highest success level.

Quality Products - what products are they offering? Are they unique? Will your customer see a benefit in using or purchasing the product? Are they hard to find elsewhere? You don't want to be selling what every Tom, Dick, and Harry is selling out there. Make sure that you can promote the products without a problem and that others can do the same? If you can't sell it, it will be hard for you to expect your downline to be able to sell it.

Payout System - payouts are usually on a matrix system. Does this matrix allow room for everyone to succeed or just those at the top? What happens if your downline become full? If someone is not performing in your downline, will it shut you down or will it allow that weak link to be cut and replaced with another person?

Ask if the payout system has changed in the last 2 years. If the answer is yes, this will tell you that the matrix system may not be stable enough to support all of those at the bottom. In this case, it will be hard to recruit people for your downline as there will not be enough payout for them.

Training - what training is provided? Are they following the "old school" method of promotion? You can tell this by seeing if the first thing they tell you to do is to contact family & friends to get them involved. With doing business on the internet, this is an outdated approach. See if they recommend using some of the current internet marketing promotions. This will tell you if they are more progressive in their marketing style.

Does your team leader offer additional training that what is provided by the company? What you are looking for is a mentor, not just someone above you in the "chain".

If you are really interested in becoming involved in a Multi-Level Marketing program, make sure that you do your homework up front. Checking out the four areas listed above will save you headaches in the long run and make sure that your road to success is off to a good start.
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Ann Moss is Vice President and Director of Training for Mastermind Pros , an internet success training company. Mastermind Pros provides in depth training on Affiliate Marketing and the well respected MLM Company Liberty Health Net.
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