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POS can meet all your wireless-retailer needs

Jul 30, 2008
Stop trying to make your wireless-retail-business needs fit into mainstream point-of-sale software. Instead, find a POS management system designed specifically for you.

The many and ever-changing demands and challenges of the wireless-retail business make its point of sale (POS) software needs even more urgent. The unique nature of the cellular industry - including its number of retail locations - can make using mainstream retail software obsolete.

So, instead of trying to fit their businesses into a cookie-cutter software program, many wireless retailers turn to a POS management system specifically designed for their businesses' day-to-day operations. The real-time, Internet-based program is designed to support anywhere from a single location to an unlimited number of locations, as well as manage inventory, employee hours, sales, commissions, and reports.

Because the cellular retail management software is Internet based, data is accessible anywhere an Internet connection can be established - even a dial-up connection. Databases are updated instantaneously.

The POS cellular retail management software is Internet based, so data is accessible anywhere an Internet connection can be established - even from a dial-up connection. Because it operates through the Internet, databases are updated instantaneously.

Equally critical for any retail software is inventory tracking and control. The specialized POS software for cellular retail management offers accurate and easy accounting for equipment in each retail location. Inventory levels remain accurate all the time, because the software tracks inventory movement through purchase orders and invoices, and inventory levels are updated immediately.

The POS software also allows customized business reports to be generated at any time from any place. And because the software is real time, those reports reflect up-to-the-minute accuracy.

Additionally, the POS real-time software allows up-to-the-minute customized business reports to be generated at any time from any place, again saving time and money.

Security is offered on many levels, starting with access secured through user authentication and biometric login. Encryption is another of the many was the software is secured. Data is encrypted at the same level used by banks to secure their data. Other controls can limit how much information and access is given to various users - like district managers, subagents and franchisees.

Another critical consideration when considering POS software is technical support. Having the most advanced trainers and best technical-support specialists, and having them available seven days a week, is important to a POS software user - especially for users in a business as demanding as the wireless-retail business.

TeleTracker Inc. was the first company to develop POS software strictly for the cellular communications industry. To learn about the range of software solutions they can offer your business, visit www.teletracker.com or call toll-free, 877-277-6810.
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