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How To Use Your eBook and Its Resell Rights as Free Bonuses

Jul 30, 2008
An eBook can be used for more than just a stand-alone product. You can also offer it as a free bonus for somebody purchasing one of your other products or services. You could even use it as a bonus as to an affiliate product.

When you use bonuses it can act as a major incentive for people to purchase certain products or services. Loading on bonuses will only increase this incentive as market research has proven. Some people, in fact, just buy a particular product just for the bonuses that are included.

Your job, by creating an eBook is now you're creating a valuable bonus that you can include in all kinds of different packages. I constantly want you to think about how you can build that package, how you can add value to that package. By developing an eBook, it is one step in that direction because it enables you to create a valuable resource that you can then add to a package, and you can have it establish value on it.

That value that you add to you package will also help you create the price point. When I am creating a product I look at how much I could sell each individual item to get the price point.

I'll give you a quick explanation why I do this. A lot of times I will go to someone's website, see their offer for their product, which is paired up with all these bonuses. The problem is when they just place a value, like $297, for the bonus.

Often times I take a step back and think, "Well, if that bonus was by itself, I would never pay $297." It is something you should really take a second to think about. Ask yourself, how much would you pay for the bonus if you were just selling it by itself? The price you come up with that way is the true value of that bonus, not the one you just make up and put up on the website. You won't establish value by doing that.

You have to be realistic when you are thinking about how much you would pay and make sure it correlates to what the market would pay as well. If you don't do this when people come to your website and and look to buy your package they will discount the actual value of that bonus, resulting in it losing tremendous value.

But creating an eBook still provides you the opportunity to create a valuable bonus that you can include with your other products or services.

You can take this bonus one step further by actually including the resell rights to your eBook as a bonus.

Another example, related to me, just because I know my business so well. I talk on the topic of creativity. I would be interested in possibly purchasing the resell rights, or the reprint rights, of someone else who has products on creativity.

Take a moment to think about that. Why would I want to know what I would be interested in purchasing? It will actually save me a lot of time. If someone has made great content on the topic that I talk about, why would I want to reinvent the wheel? We could make it a win-win situation for both of us by partnering up and building a relationship.

He or she was able to leverage their material, I'm able to get material so that I don't have to reinvent the wheel, and the same principle applies to you and your business.

Other businesses and services are going to be interested in the content of your eBook for their particular customer base or email list.

You have now provided yourself with a platform to be able to sell or offer the reprint or resell rights of your eBook as a bonus. Those people who are now interested in your eBook can provide or sell it to their customers and feel as if they are providing valuable information.

By doing this your value of your bonus has just continued to increase.

By following these steps you now have the ability to greatly increase the value of a bonus for your own products or even while doing an affiliate promotion.

Ideas will come to you when you explore the possibilities of creativity!
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