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Coat Racks for the Office

Jul 30, 2008
Are you in the market for office furniture? Of course you will need an impressive desk, a filing cabinet and some interesting prints for the wall. Maybe you will even hire a decorator to match the rug with the upholstery on the chairs. You will be attentive to set the right mood for your office space, whether it's serious and scholarly or lighthearted and casual. All of these elements make up the perfect office décor, but there is one more area to consider.

When your clients or patients walk in the front door, they will need someplace to hang their coat or store their umbrella. Coat racks are an important and integral part of any office and should never be overlooked. The perfect coat rack is one that is unobtrusive, yet able to organize several types of items. You want the coat rack to be easily accessible, but not in the way of the room's traffic flow.

First, decide on the amount of space that you want to allocate for the coat rack. Leave the front door area as clear as possible but position the coat rack nearby. There are many sizes of coat racks; some are free standing while others mount on the walls. The decision about which type to purchase is first determined by the available space.

Another factor to consider is how many hooks you would need on the coat rack. This, of course, varies according to the size of the coat rack. Many styles arrange the coat pegs for maximum efficiency. If your office is small, choose three or four hooks. If you have too many empty hooks available, it may look like your office is slow, which may not say much about your business.

You need to also decide if you just want a place to hang up coats or if you need to accommodate more items. An umbrella stand attached to the coat rack is a plus if you feel your clientèle are people who would carry umbrellas. Perhaps you have men coming to your office who might need a place to put their hats?

Coat racks come in metal or wood and the choice will be yours as to what type of material fits in best with the rest of your office. Oftentimes, there is a certain amount of assembly associated with buying a coat rack, but this is basic and can be done quickly.

For the most part, a coat rack stands silently, ready to serve. But if children will visit your office, consider getting a coat rack that is colorful. For children, you may even want a rack with a bench for mothers to tie their little one's shoes or to pull off boots in the winter. A shelf to store mittens or scarves will also be a nice addition.

A coat rack is an important piece of office furniture and will probably be the first thing that your clients or patients will see. Choose your coat rack for its usefulness as well as for its attractiveness.
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