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How To Use Press Releases To Promote Your Business

Jul 30, 2008
Has someone told you to write press releases to promote your business, but you are not sure where to start? This simple guide to writing a press release will get you up and running in the right direction in no time.

Press releases are not the same as articles. Business owners frequently buy and distribute online articles to drive traffic to their websites. Articles are written on specific areas of interest related to a business. Press releases are written about specific achievements of the actual business itself.

For example, pretend you own a dog grooming business for a moment. If you were to write or distribute articles to promote your web presence, they would be on topics like how to groom a wirehaired daschund or the proper supplies to use when grooming a puppy.

A press release, however, would not talk about grooming specifics much, if at all. A press release for your dog grooming business would discuss a specific achievement or milestone related to the business. For instance, you could write a press release about the new grooming equipment you just acquired or the fact that your business recently beautified its 5,000th dog.

When should a business owner write and distribute a press release? The answer is as often as possible. Distributing press releases about once a month will keep your business name at the front of the minds of your potential customers. It keeps them abreast of your new achievements and makes them feel involved in your success.

If you do not think your business is doing anything that is particularly newsworthy, think again. Press releases are all about the angle you choose. For instance, if your business has accomplished any kind of milestone, offers any sort of unique service, or does virtually anything right, you can spin the event or feature of your business into an effective topic for a press release.

Perhaps the topic is as close as the nearest mirror. Are you the potential topic for your press release? Are you particularly young in your field? Have you obtained skills or certifications that make you stand out from the crowd? Whatever makes you or your business appeal to your customers will be appealing in the context of a press release.

Be sure to include a few key points in your press release. Start off with the name of the city and state in which your business is located. Also, give today`s date. Then, write a dynamic lead paragraph that captures the attention of your audience. Be sure to avoid words like "great" or "fantastic" because they sound too much like hype. Then, describe your company`s accomplishment in a page or less and include a name and phone number to call for more information at the end.

Anyone can write an effective press release for their business. You simply have to know the angle to pursue and the proper information to include. If you are comfortable with your own writing skills, you can find a freelance writer online that will be happy to create a custom written press release for your business at an affordable rate.
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Press releases can be used by the individual network marketer and home business entrepreneur when achievements have been accomplished.Erik Gifford,a network marketing internet attraction marketing coach has posted a free article at network marketing guidance.
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